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Wave Technology Processor

The WTP3 system provides an integral and essential part of your vessel. A powerful Computer Processing Unit (CPU) links to data acquisition modules which collect and feedback to the CPU.

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Manipulate data with custom calibration files, log data using onboard SQL database or use Javascript to develop further features.

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Wave Technology

Wave Technology uses avionics grade axial rate sensors to measure and eliminate the effects of boat motion from wind data. Better Data = Better Decisions.

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Robust AND Light

WTP3 is a lightweight, but incredibly robust system. Water resistant to IP67 standard, resistant to the shock and vibration found in modern ocean racers. It won't let you down.

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WTP3 suits your data requirements: CAN, Ethernet, USB data offload, NMEA 0183, RS232, RS422 and NMEA 2000 compatibility. Data acquisition modules allow easy design and expansion.

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Integrates with a massive range of software, displays and sensors. Analogue inputs, pulse inputs, Digital I/O provide flexible integration options alongside serial and FastNet interfaces.

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Data Logging

WTP3 contains a powerful onboard data logger, enabling user configurable data to be recorded. Whether carrying out tack analysis, at high data rates, or logging positional track data for long ocean race legs WTP provides the data you need.

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WTP3 integrates directly with B&G's Deckman Tactical Navigation software via Ethernet. Providing direct access of the WTP3 data and setup for easy, on-the-fly, adjustments.

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Ultimate Performance

WTP3 runs a powerful processing core to ensure that the unit delivers the data with incredibly low latency. The data acquisition network can be run at up to 1Mbit baud rates, or run at reduced speeds to accommodate large Superyacht networks.