B&G Broadband 4G Radar Software Update

We are pleased to offer a free software update to even further improve the outstanding performance of your Broadband 4G™ Radar. The new software allows you to make the most of wireless view and control with the GoFree Wireless system and further improves the features already included within this award-winning radar.
GoFree™ WIFI-1™
For wireless connectivity between Zeus Touch Multifunction Displays, tablets and smartphones, GoFree™ wireless offers boaters an exciting new level of navigational control.

Thanks to this free software upgrade, users can now enjoy wireless control of a number of features within their Broadband 4G Radar, when used alongside the WIFI-1™ module and a compatible multifunction display. These new features include setting radar guard zones and viewing radar information.

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  • [Missing text /products/softwaredownload/version for de] 4.1.57
  • [Missing text /products/softwaredownload/releasedate for de] 20th Dezember 2012
  • [Missing text /products/softwaredownload/filesize for de] ~7 MB
  • [Missing text /products/softwaredownload/fileformat for de] ZIP