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Triton Pilot

Provides Intelligent Sail Steering, manual and auto steering functions, Smart Manoeuvre and chartplotter integration all combined with intuitive menus for ultimate control. Available in Low or High Current forms.

  • Intelligent Sail Steering
  • Chartplotter Integration
  • Smart Manoeuvre
  • Easy to Use
  • Integration
  • Intelligent Sail Steering
  • Steer to compass, true wind angle or apparent wind angle for optimum sailing performance.
  • Navigate to a set waypoint, or follow a route by linking your Triton Pilot to your chartplotter
  • Smart Manoeuvre
  • Tack at the touch of a button to make life easier when you're short handed.
  • Simple menus are navigated easily with On, Off Change Mode and Adjust Course buttons
  • B&G Precision
  • Grand Prix derived sensor technology provides the most accurate information available
  • Integrate with sensors including rate-gyro corrected compasses and rudder feedback units to ensure optimum performance.

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Part Numbers

Beschreibung Part Number RRP
Triton Pilot 000-10611-001
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Connectors Single Micro-C


Housing ABSmoulding
Waterproof Standard IPx7
Width 60 mm \ 2.4 in
Height 115 mm \ 4.5 in
Length 17 mm \ 0.7 in
Operating Temperature -15to +55ºC(+5ºF to +131ºF)


Power Supply 12 vDC
Power Consumption < 50


Other Features Control Keys:
  • Pilot ON
  • Pilot Standby
  • <10>
  • 10>
  • <1>
  • 1>
  • Mode Change

Status Indicator: Red/Green Pilot status indicator

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