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WIFI-1 Module

The WIFI-1 is a marine grade wireless gateway which allows owners of compatible B&G Zeus TouchZeus² and  Zeus² Glass Helm display units to view data when utilised in conjunction with a wireless device.

This low profile Wi-Fi gateway may be small, but it packs a punch well above its weight, allowing multiple tablets or smartphones to be used to view B&G network data. The WIFI-1 connects to B&G Zeus TouchZeus² and  Zeus² Glass Helm via Ethernet and supports wireless connectivity using 802.11 b+g wireless protocols.

Multiple B&G Zeus TouchZeus² and  Zeus² Glass Helm  units can be used with just one WIFI-1 module, meaning that an entire system can be online with just the addition of one handy wireless gateway.

  • Wireless technology
  • Full Integration
  • Network ready
  • Marine Specific
  • Zeus Touch & Zeus² compatible
  • Rugged
  • Low Power device
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to install
  • Anti-VHF disruption filters

product class

Part Numbers

Beschreibung Part Number RRP
WIFI-1 Module 000-11068-001  
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Wireless Standards 802.11 b+g
Sealing IPX5
Width 171   mm \ 6.8  in
Height 154 mm \ 6.1 in
Depth 25 mm \ 1.0  in
Number of Network Ports 2
Automatic configuration Plug-n-play
View and edit Wifi SSID and Passphrase from MFD
Support for multiple unit network “bridging” to extend range


Power Supply 12V,  200mA
Remote power control Via yellow wire

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