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I managed to begin the 10th circumnavigation of the world on due date and schedule

I hope no one reads this, because if it wasn’t  for every one else, I would not have left when I did.  Beautiful people. (They were so).

400 years ago a bloke, (I mean a brave Dutch ship’s captain) steered his ship to the lower north coast of Western Australia. Thus discovering it.

Then they could not accurately determine longitude. (No accurate time pieces available or made).

They were on their way to Batavia in the Dutch spice islands, now Indonesia.

Anyway they discovered Dirk Hartog Island shark bay, Western Australia.  Nearly 500 nautical miles north of the State Capital of WA. Perth.

Perth is 1.3 million population.

To celebrate is a yacht race to Dirk Hartog Island, actually finishes at Denham Shark Bay.

The race is in two legs. First leg Fremantle (the port of Perth) to Geraldton. A mid west town. The second and last leg Geraldton to Denham Shark Bay. Isolated region.

Normally a down wind race.  Often windy. Well very windy. It is a windy coast. It is a bummer for those who need to hurry back. The wind and waves are against the Leeuwin Current. “Slog it out” to say the least. Get splashed too. You get that.

Who wants to do that. I am not that stupid. So I will just go west with the trade winds to Africa. (South Africa via Reunion Island), which is French. Reunion that is. Population 800,000.

Cyclone season starts November in the Indian Ocean. Specially Mauritius & Reunion way. I guess I will see how things are cooking. May have to dodge Reunion. And go direct to Cape Town.

Cyclones are called Cyclones, because they are. Other parts of the world called hurricanes or typhoons. All bit to breezy. “Draftey”.

So that might be a little reason why I was keen to get going.

4 crew in all in the race. Vera Walby company secretary. Gareth Owen-Conway top "IT" specialist for Chevron Australia. Robin Morritt retired mining owner and chief executive. Me.

After Denham I will be on my own.

A down wind slide does not exactly suit my yacht. Racing. It is better bashing into it. Built for it too. But who the heck wants to bash into it. Not me or my crew, (unless we have to)!

Did OK in the race. Got good start. Enjoyed it all. Got some sort of minor minor trophy. Tomorrow is a down wind slide with strong wind warning. My crew and I will probably not bother with a spinnaker, just reefed main and polled out furling jib. I have a long long way to go.

We will not thrash the yacht racing for sheep stations. (Because I am going to Africa and onwards and onwards)

It was a mild to moderate spinnaker run to begin. Freshened.

We arrived in Geraldton in a strong wind warning. Boat performed as expected. Good.

This is the first time ever I have sailed to Geraldton - 33 hours - over night and not started the engine to charge the batteries.

On a nice stainless steel support at the stern of the yacht is bolted a most beautiful whispering quiet Superwind wind-generator. All the way from Germany. Its performance has been amazing - for the first time Perie Banou II has gone through a day-night-day without having to fire-up the engine to recharge the batteries.

Robin was nominated navigator. But he did not get much chance to do any at all. Because Gareth spotted the brand new, the absolute latest B&G navigation electronics. He dived head long into it. It was like some people driving their first Maserati.  Good too because his enthusiasm goes to instructing me. Continuously if I let him. The whole display including the outside displays is unbelievable and incredible. Clear to read. Beautiful settings. Simple for this one to navigate. Truly wonderful.

I typed the above yesterday. Now is today. Bloody windy.

Not the best start this time. We tacked for the start line and the jib lead escaped and caused a windy flutter. i.e. tacky start. Not that it mattered.

Now on the down wind slide for Dirk Hartog Island - we must round, more than 200 nautical miles to the north.

A truly sparkling sea. White caps. Turquoise colour. Later and now an azure colour.

We are sailing with a reef in the mainsail. And the number one Genoa (front sail- I think) polled out. Good safe brisk progress. The crew like the brisk windy conditions, rigged safely. Swell big. Good progress.

Kindest regards to all.


10 November 2016

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B&G Backs Youngest Solo Trans-Tasman Sailor for 2019 Mini Transat Attempt

“Who would have thought that a kid from the West Coast of the South Island would’ve become the youngest person to sail solo across the Tasman Sea?” pondered New Zealand sailor Cory Mclennan, reflecting on his 2014 completion of the ITL Solo Tasman Yacht Challenge. Though plagued by an autopilot failure and the loss of a rudder, then-nineteen year old Mclennan successfully completed the gruelling race from New Zealand’s Port Taranaki to Mooloolaba in Queensland, Australia after sixteen days at sea.

Mclennan’s interest in sailing began at age seven, inspired by the career of celebrated New Zealand yachtsman Sir Peter Blake. Mclennan’s desire to take the sport offshore was similarly inspired, when at age sixteen he was awarded a scholarship from the New Zealand Sailing Trust to join the crew of Lion New Zealand – formerly sailed to multiple victories by the late Sir Peter – on the yacht’s delivery from Fiji to New Zealand.

Now, with his successful Tasman crossing behind him and his passion for ocean racing stronger than ever, Mclennan is gearing up to take on the 2019 Mini Transat. One of the most challenging ocean races in the world, the 4,000-mile Atlantic crossing between France and Brazil is made in a 6.5-metre yacht.

“My solo Trans-Tasman was a great starting point,” said Mclennan. “It showed what I was made of to the rest of the sailing community, the wider community, and most importantly to myself. [After that] I wanted to go bigger, I wanted to take on the world.”

Mclennan will make his 2019 attempt in a Mini 6.50 class yacht with a Kiwi connection: sister-ship to the vessel built by New Zealand sailor Chris Sayer for his own 2003 Mini Transat entry. Though Sayer placed third in the 1999 Mini Transat, a change of rules saw him fail to qualify in 2003. Sayer joined the race anyway, garnering significant media attention as a ‘pirate entry’ and unofficially finishing near the front of the field despite a delayed start.

Kiwi designed and built, Mclennan’s Mini 6.50 was recently shipped from France to New Zealand where it underwent a major refit in preparation for racing.

“After having a lot of electronics failures I was very keen for that not to happen again!” explained Mclennan. “Only the best would do so I could really have trust in my gear. With a full B&G fit out, the mini will be equipped with the very best electronics on the market in the world – gear that offers safety as well as cutting edge information while on the race track. It’s going to change the way I can sail solo, and that way will be fast!”

In the build-up to the 2019 Mini Transat, Mclennan plans to cover as many miles as possible in training and local races – including another solo trans-Tasman attempt in 2018.

02 September 2015

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B&G Vulcan Sailing Chartplotter

Expandable chartplotter brings easy electronic navigation to all sailors

Vulcan 7" chartplotter

B&G, the world’s leading sailing navigation and instrument specialist, is pleased to introduce the new Vulcan chartplotter. Packed full of B&G’s dedicated sailing features and easy to use, Vulcan has been designed as the perfect companion for cruising and racing yachts of all sizes.
Vulcan is a truly expandable 7-inch multi-touch sailing chartplotter, which is just as at home when used as a standalone unit on a 24ft cruising yacht, as it is as part of an integrated system on a larger yacht.
In its basic form as a standalone sailing chartplotter, Vulcan offers all of the standard navigation features sailors expect from B&G including waypoints, routes, a choice of cartography providers, integrated autopilot control and more. 

View full press release.

10 April 2015

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B&G Announces Wireless Pilot Controller

New autopilot control device frees skippers from the helm

B&G, the world’s leading sailing navigation and instrument specialist, is pleased to introduce the new Wireless Pilot Controller with Bluetooth® base station.

Providing control to sailors, no matter where they are on the boat, the Wireless Pilot Controller is compatible with B&G Triton and H5000 Pilot systems and is easy to install, thanks to the Bluetooth base station with micro-C connection.

The waterproof Bluetooth base station is small and lightweight, offering pairing for up to 4 Pilot Controller remotes, has a huge range of up to 30m (98ft) and can be installed directly on deck or with a pole mount.

Read full press release.

10 April 2015

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B&G Introduces Forwardscan™, Forward-Looking Sonar System

Sailors can now benefit from seeing what’s directly ahead of their bow

B&G, leading manufacturer of sailing navigation and instruments since 1955, is pleased to announce the launch of ForwardScan, a forward-looking sonar device perfect for finding anchoring spots and highlighting rocks and obstructions below the water’s surface.

Forwardscan allows sailors to avoid potentially dangerous areas and sail with confidence in unfamiliar waters, the ForwardScan echosounder/transducer can be fitted on sailing boats of every size. With an effective range of eight times the actual water’s depth, real time updates and a built-in configurable shallow depth alarm, B&G ForwardScan integrates seamlessly with other collision avoiding technologies, such as Broadband Radar; ensuring sailors avoid costly navigation mistakes.

Read the full press release.

25 February 2015

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GoFree™ shop now available on B&G® Zeus² and Zeus² Glass Helm

Industry leader adds GoFree cloud-based software update and mapping download capabilities to its advanced multifunction marine displays

B&G leader in the manufacture of instruments and marine electronics for sailing announced today the availability of the newly launched GoFree Shop and wireless, cloud-enabled features on its full line of Zeus2 and Zeus2 Glass Helm multifunction displays.

Read full press release.

25 February 2015

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Zeus² nominated for Yachts & Yachting Magazine's "Equipment Innovation Award"

We are delighted to announce that Zeus² has been nominated for Yachts & Yachting Magazine's Equipment Innovation Award.

The award is judged by you, the great sailing public!

So please help B&G by voting for the Zeus² below:

Click here to vote for Zeus2

Encourage your friends and family to vote too!

Find out more about Zeus²

Zeus² integrates seamlessly with your network including Broadband Radar, AIS, CZone Digital Switching and much more. Perfect for the sailor who likes to spend more time on the water than at the chart table, the Zeus² has an array of options to help improve on water navigation and maximize sailing success.  View our product pages.

02 December 2014

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Keep up with the latest Volvo Ocean Race news with B&G

Over the next 9 months, B&G will be following the wins, challenges and successes of the Volvo Ocean Race teams. On a journey of more than 38,000 miles, we aim to bring you the most up to date race analysis and take you on a trip like no other.

As an Official Race Supplier, B&G has teamed up with renowned journalist and author Mark Chisnell to bring you a series of exclusive weekly blogs, providing insights into the tactics and results of the race, making sure that you are always on the inside track. Starting this week with a preview of the first leg of the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15, former America’s Cup Navigator, sailing journalist, marine electronics expert and author Mark Chisnell will be providing B&G with exclusive weekly, in-depth technical analysis of the action as it unfolds on the race-course. During the 2007-08 Volvo Ocean Race, Mark wrote the daily ‘1000 Zulu’ reports for Volvo and B&G will be recapturing this unique and comprehensive insight for this current edition of the race.

The only way to keep up to date with Mark's unique blog, the latest B&G news and exclusive updates is on our brand new dedicated race site -

09 October 2014

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Win a trip to the Volvo Ocean Race!

We are delighted to offer exclusive places for six lucky people to attend a VIP Experience at the Volvo Ocean Race start in Alicante, Spain.

For the chance to take part in this once in a lifetime event, enter the B&G competition by visiting

The winners, who will be chosen at random via a prize draw, will receive return flights from Europe to Alicante, hotel accommodation for two nights and a tour of the Volvo Ocean Race Museum at the Race Village. They will then enjoy a boat trip to get up close and personal with the Volvo Ocean 65s and will be on water to watch the start of leg 1. Terms and Conditions apply.

25 September 2014

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FREE sailing jacket with select Zeus Touch & Triton products

Buy a Zeus Touch 8, 12, or Triton SDW instrument pack between 15 July and 15 September, and receive a free sailing jacket from Helly Hansen – as favoured by world-class sailors.

B&G's Zeus Touch offers navigation features designed exclusively for sailing, driven by an intuitive touchscreen interface. See laylines, tides, wind, and other crucial information in one place with SailSteer, and be sure you make it back to the club by nightfall with enhanced sailing time calculations.

The Triton SDW Pack includes the award-winning Triton display, combined speed/depth/temperature sensor, and precision wind sensor developed from race-proven technology.

Offer is by redemption online or in-store, and is available to all Australian and New Zealand customers. Full terms and conditions are available here

07 July 2014

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B&G System Builder Sales Tool

We are pleased to launch the revolutionary B&G System Builder, a comprehensive, global tool to enable sales teams to quickly and accurately put together entire B&G systems. 

B&G System Builder is a software application for use with Apple iPad/iPad mini, which allows a sales representative to give instant quotes, show visual schematics and provide pricing to customers, to help them choose their ideal B&G system.

This is just part of the extensive series of sales support tools that B&G provides its partners to ensure that all B&G customers get what they need first time, every time.

03 July 2014

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Get set for Summer Savings with B&G!

As the summer season fast approaches, we’re giving you even more great reasons to sail with B&G. Simply purchase a selected B&G Zeus chartplotter between 1 May and 30 June 2014 and get a premium Helly Hansen sailing jacket absolutely free!

Get your boat ready for summer and kit yourself out at the same time with great Summer Savings across our flagship Zeus Touch and sailing feature-packed Zeus² range.

For more information about B&G Summer Savings and details of participating products, go to

06 May 2014

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Zeus Software Update now available

Owners of the Zeus 8 and Zeus 12 device can get a free software update from today, bringing further sailing-specific features and enhanced functionality to the flagship Zeus chartplotter family.

This free software release increases compatibility with a range of peripherals, provides additional support for charts and third-party data and expands configuration options.

Simply visit this download page and follow the instructions to receive your free software update.

28 March 2014

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Get Cash Back with B&G Spring Upgrade!

Make the most of the new season with Spring Upgrade, simply buy any selected products during 15th February –31st March to qualify to receive cash back on your purchases!

The more you purchase, the more you save and this great promotion includes the award-winning Zeus Touch and Broadband 4G Radar! Check out the Spring Upgrade web page for more information.

14 February 2014

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Contour Innovations Joins B&G Family!

Contour Innovations is a mapping and geospatial software company whose software powers B&G’s revolutionary Insight Genesis™ global map-making tool.

The B&G Team has worked closely with the Contour Innovations team for the past two years to bring Insight Genesis to sailors, allowing better situational and depth awareness than ever before!

28 January 2014

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Maserati and Giovanni Soldini set new Cape2Rio speed record with B&G

Team Maserati has set a new record in the Cape2Rio, the longest race between two southern hemisphere continents. They covered the 3,300-mile route from Cape Town (SA) to Rio de Janeiro in a blistering 10 days, 11 hours, 29 minutes and 57 seconds, slashing more than two days off the previous record held by American 72’ Zephyrus IV.

The crew of Maserati were navigated during their challenge by a suite of B&G electronics and instruments including the H3000 system, award-winning Broadband 4G™ Radar and the Zeus 8 Multifunction Display.

“The Cape2Rio is a race I’ve been dreaming about doing since I was a kid,” Soldini declared on arrival at Rio. “ Maserati was really at her best and we’re all very happy.”

For more information on the B&G range of sailing instruments, click here.

15 January 2014

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B&G Proudly Supports Steinlager 2 Refit


Having arrived back in NZ in July 2012, the legendary maxi ketch Steinlager 2 has undergone a major restoration. B&G was quick to jump on board and support a full electronics package including Zeus multi-function displays, VHF communications, 20/20 HV sailing instrument displays, 4G Broadband Radar, and additional performance modules like GoFree Wifi, SonicHub, and a wind, speed and depth pack. B&G electronics helped Steinlager 2 dominate in 1990, so it was only natural to be part of the refit.

Originally designed by Bruce Farr to race in the 1989/1990 Whitbread Round the World Race, Sir Peter Blake’s winning yacht will now carry out a new role as a youth development vessel taking students on training voyages around New Zealand. The NZ Sailing Trust worked with many leading marine manufacturers to restore Steinlager 2 to its original glory. Whilst making minimal modifications to retain the yacht’s original design and history, changes had to take place to house 3 crew, 2 teachers and up to 25 students –a far cry from the 14 crew who were on board with Sir Peter Blake back in 1990.

B&G’s support to the project means that the vessel is now equipped with all the latest technology to ensure the safety of the boat and all those on board is guaranteed. Designed by sailors for sailors, both crew and students can ensure they have total situational awareness at all times in all conditions. They can take advantage of the industry’s only marine electronics brand that is made specifically for sailing, so things like laylines, heading and COG, current layline, opposite tack layline, calculated tide, and key navigation data can be displayed and interpreted through the unique SailSteer screen on the Zeus multi-function display. This totally integrated system is so simple to operate that anyone new to the boat can quickly learn how to use it.

Tony Stevenson, NZ Sailing Trust Chairman, comments: “we are indebted to the team at B&G who embraced 'Steinies' restoration early on and were instrumental in all stages of design, supply and installation. Thanks to B&G, Steinlager 2 is now sporting an incredible electronics package that greatly assists the Trust deliver on all its programmes”.

The support given to this project is a testament to both Steinlager 2 and Sir Peter Blake’s legacy. The refit was supported with sponsorship of everything from anti-foul to new bunks, and she set sail again on November 25th on a 5 day voyage to Great Barrier Island with students on board from Auckland Grammar School’s Leadership Programme.

B&G look forward to continuing their relationship with Steinlager 2 and the NZ Sailing Trust in helping students to understand the ins and outs of sailing navigation. B&G’s online Academy will be an invaluable tool to students in this process.

08 December 2013

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New B&G Zeus 2 Multi-touch Sailing Chartplotter

B&G is pleased to introduce the new Zeus² chartplotter. Packed full of B&G’s dedicated sailing features, Zeus² is designed for cruising yachts, cruiser/racers and racing boats. 

Zeus² offers enhanced sail navigation features such as SailTime calculations, which display Time To Waypoint, Distance To Waypoint and Estimated Time of Arrival at waypoint using layline calculations.Zeus² also boasts SailSteer, a composite sailing screen unique to B&G, which combines key sailing data into one clear display.

Zeus² stands out from the crowd, with multi-touch screen and intuitive menus, sailors can pinch-to-zoom and quickly swipe their way through navigation options. Thanks to dual chart slots, navigators can choose to add C-MAP® and/or Navionics® mapping, Insight Genesis custom bathymetric maps and/or NV Charts.

Find our more here.

19 November 2013

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Introducing the H5000!

Meet the innovative new H5000 instrument and autopilot system, featuring the most powerful race-proven technology and advanced data processing available today.

The new H5000 system integrates exclusive sailing features and all of the critical instrumentation, sensors and sailing data together for fast analysis. 

Designed to provide highly accurate, easy to read data, the H5000 system integrates with existing B&G products such as the Zeus chartplotter range to provide the most cost effective and flexible instrumentation system available today – whether you are a serious cruiser or professional racer.

Find out more here.

19 November 2013

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Autumn Savings Up to £400/€450 cash back this Autumn with B&G*

UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden only.

We're offering up to £400/€450 cash back this autumn*, when you purchase selected Zeus Touch units with Triton Depth/Speed/Wind packs.

But you'll have to hurry, as this offer only runs from 2nd September –1st November – just in time for winter season refits!

* For more information, check out B&G autumn savings

02 September 2013

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Insight Genesis now available in UK and Europe

The revolutionary personal map-generation tool, Insight Genesis™, is now available in selected European countries*. Insight Genesis is a powerful service that uses sonar recordings from Broadband Sounder™ and StructureScan® sonar imaging transducers when connected to B&G Zeus Touch multifunction displays. This tool provides boaters with the ability to create customised contour maps of their favourite sailing and anchoring areas.

Learn more about Insight Genesis™ here.

*Available in Belgium, Denmark, Finland (restricted to inland use), France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden (restricted to inland use), Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

02 August 2013

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B&G Equipped Teams Set For Transpac

 Leggi questo in italiano

The 2013 Transpacific Yacht Race race begins today, and as always many of the boats will be packed full of B&G equipment.

Two such boats are Italian sailor, Giovanni Soldini's open 70 Maserati and Team Phaedo's Gunboat 66.

From H3000 systems to Broadband 4G Radar and HV displays, these intrepid sailors will have B&G behind them all the way!

We'd like to wish all teams taking part in the Transpac fair winds and safe sailing as they set off from Los Angeles!

10 July 2013

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Set Sail with a Free WIFI-1! - Europe, Middle East and Africa Only

When purchasing  Zeus Touch 8 or Zeus Touch 12 chartplotter models from 1st June until 31st July, you qualify for a free WIFI-1 module, why not click here to find out more?

Want to know more about using GoFree wireless technology?

01 June 2013

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B&G App and B&G Navigator Digital Catalogue

B&G have just launched another industry first! The B&G Navigator digital catalogue is now available for download within the B&G App, which is also now live on the iTunes App Store.

The B&G app has just gone live on the App Store and is available to download now. Inside this app you will be able to download the latest digital version of the B&G Navigator catalogue.

This innovative digital edition brings rich and engaging interactive content to our customers as opposed to the stationary content found in print catalogues or simple digital PDFs. The brand and products truly come to life with motion graphics, video, product 360s, live clickable web links and more, allowing the viewer to immerse themselves within the B&G brand and its products.

Available for iPad, the new digital catalogue is an excellent way of saving on the cost of traditional print catalogues, whilst also providing a means of keeping consumers up to date with the latest B&G products as the latest version of the document is pushed to the app via an automatic notification.

Download from the App Store now!

Further digital catalogues and literature will be pushed to the B&G App soon.

13 May 2013

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Choose your charts with B&G!

We're delighted to offer you a revolution in mapping choice, thanks to expanded cartography compatibility within the Zeus Touch series of multifunction displays.

Global mapping provider C-Map™ by Jepessen now joins renowned cartography companies Navionics® and NV Digital in bringing increased map compatibility for navigation on the water.

Check out the choice here! 

13 May 2013

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B&G GoFree comes to Android!

The revolutionary B&G GoFree app is now available to those with an Android smartphone.

Completely free to download, this clever app allows Zeus Touch owners with a WIFI-1 to view their chartplotter screen, right from their phone.

Great for checking course whilst on the rail or away from the chart table, the B&G GoFree Android app can be downloaded at no cost from Google Play, now!

29 April 2013

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Don't Just Take our Word for it

We recently invited top journalists from across the globe on a trip to test out all that B&G has to offer the cruising sailor.

They spent time on the water using Zeus Touch, Triton, Broadband 4G Radar and Triton HV displays, putting each product through its paces.

The response was overwhelmingly positive, but don't just take our word for it, see what they had to say…

25 April 2013

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B&G To Showcase Range at Hamble Point Boat Show

B&G is pleased to announce that it will be attending the Hamble Point Boat Show

Saturday 27th- Sunday 28th April and we'd love to see you there!

Why not pop by and chat to the B&G team, make the most of our Spring Upgrade and get cash back on selected purchases,

And meet the award-winning Zeus Touch-7 now from just £799!

Find out more about the show here

25 April 2013

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B&G Launches Online Academy for all Sailors

The free online B&G sailing academy launches today!

Created to help all sailors, whether expert or novice, to brush up on their sailing theory and improve technique, the B&G Academy consists of a selection of e-learning tutorials designed by experienced sailing tutors.

Users can pick the topics they find most interesting and completion of an entire tutorial level brings with it rewards in the form of exclusive B&G merchandise.

To make the most of this free academy, why not sign up now?

24 April 2013

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B&G Spring Savers!

Two incredible chances to save.

Not only can you receive cash back of up to 1,000* when you buy qualifying B&G products from the 30th March to the 1st June, thanks to the B&G Spring Upgrade, there is also a fantastic spring price drop on Zeus Touch Multifunction displays, which includes a Zeus Touch 7 from just £799!

B&G products eligible for the cash back programme during this promotional period include selected Zeus and Zeus Touch chartplotter/multifunction displays, award-winning Broadband 4G Radar, the GoFree WIFI-1 wireless module, Triton instrument displays and much more!

All of which means that you can save even more money whilst getting your hands on the best sailing technology available! Find out more about Spring upgrade here (insert link)

*Based on typical B&G Dual station installation

Find out more here!

02 April 2013

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B&G Announces ZG100 GPS Antenna

Meet the new ZG100 high precision GPS antenna with a built-in compass. Compatible with all Zeus navigational systems, this highly accurate GPS antenna offers enhanced functionality and situational awareness for all sailors. Find out more here…

14 February 2013

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TripCon app now available for B&G GoFree wireless solution

The TripCon logbook PC application is now compatible with B&G Zeus Touch multifunction displays, when used in conjunction with the GoFree WIFI-1 module.

Information displayed from the B&G Zeus Touch includes a mirror image of the chartplotter screen within the TripCon log, as well as dynamic data such as wind speed, heading, chart position, air temperature and much more.

This allows you to create highly accurate logbooks without having to manually enter information or transfer between your PC and chartplotter to access data.

For more information on the TripCon PC application, please visit

25 January 2013

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New NAIS-400 software now available!

Owners of the B&G NAIS-400 AIS device can get a free software update from today.

New features include the ability to use the NAIS-400 as the data source for your current position using your NMEA 2000® network, perfect for deducing accurate COG or SOG.

Simply visit this download page and follow the instructions to receive your free software update.

11 December 2012

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B&G Triton Display is Best in Test!

The Triton Instrument Display has received the Best in Test accolade from international magazine Practical Boat Owner.

The test team praised the Triton Display and in particular were impressed with how it performed in terms of clarity, brightness and functionality when compared with offerings from other manufacturers.


"Exceptionally clear screens with superb functionality"

 "Best viewing angle"

 "The instruments offer the best night mode we've seen."

 "Ruggedly built, have excellent performance in bright conditions and at night."

 "Top performer."

Check out the Triton Display for yourself today

07 December 2012

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New Zeus Touch!

Joining the award-winning Zeus sail navigation family, the new Zeus Touch includes all of the sail specific functionality familiar to Zeus users such as configurable layline overlay, water and ground vectors and adds even more features.

Zeus Touch also introduces SailSteer™ – a brand new feature that combines essential sailing data into one clear and informative composite screen. All information is shown relevant to the user’s boat and can be displayed alongside Chart, Radar or other function screens.

Learn more about the Zeus Touch here.

01 November 2012

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Triton HV Displays

Complementing the Triton Instrument Display and Triton Pilot, these new mast displays benefit from B&G’s unique LCD display bonding

process to provide unrivaled contrast with zero risk of condensation, coupled with LED backlighting for outstanding clarity and longevity.

For more information, please click here.

01 November 2012

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Dehler Choose B&G!

Prestigious German Yacht builder Dehler has chosen B&G Triton and Zeus for standard fit across its new 38' range.

The 38' Competition Plus Dehler will also include the  H3000 system for maximum race-winning potential.

01 November 2012

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‘Shop-in-Shop’ Wins Prestigious Award

Leading marine electronics brands Lowrance, Simrad and B&G have set the standard for the marine retail market by winning both Gold and bronze accolades in the prestigious UK & Ireland POPAI (Point of Purchase) Awards, for their bespoke ‘shop-in-shop’ installations.

The UK & Ireland POPAI awards are the benchmark for the point of sale industry and the offering from Lowrance, Simrad and B&G took the prize in a category that also included technology brands such as Samsung, Phones4U and Asus. 

The brands also scooped the bronze position in the overall Display of the Year award, beating 218 other nominated companies.

31 October 2012

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B&G And Grand Soleil On Port to Port Adventure

To celebrate the launch of the new Grand Soleil 43, the Grand Soleil team, along with B&G experts will be touring the most prestigious marinas in Italy to welcome the general public, existing customers and suppliers onboard this luxury cruising yacht.

The Grand Soleil Port-to-Port tour is set to coincide with Italy's finest Winter Championships and sailing events, introducing the beautiful new GS 43

to sailors of all levels and aspirations. The B&G team will be on hand to show off instrumentation and marine electronics from the sailing specific Triton Pilot to the bright and fully integrated Triton Instrument Display.

If you want to meet the team and take part in the Port-to-Port, visit or check out the B&G Events map for the tour schedule.

25 September 2012

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Arcona Yachts Choose B&G

Luxury sailing yacht manufacturers Arcona have chosen to fit B&G electronics as standard on their entire range of performance cruising yachts. Arcona Yachts, known for steel framed construction of its yachts and resulting fast pace in races right across Europe, provide a range of six beautifully crafted models, which vary in size between 34-46ft. These award-winning boats will be supplied with B&G equipment by Swedish Distribution partner Sportmanship Marin. The Arcona Yachts will be complete with B&G Triton instrument displays for speed, depth, wind and much more, the yachts will also utilise the award-winning Zeus-8 sailing navigation system, which provides sailing specific functions from chart layline overlay and GRIB weather via USB download, to Broadband 4G™ Radar compatibility for uncompromised on water safety. 

28 August 2012

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Broadband 4G Radar saves lives of top sailors

Navigating at 20kts through the hazardous waters of the North Atlantic, Giovanni Soldini and the Maserati team were attempting to break the world speed record for passage between New York, USA to Lizard Point, UK, when they were confronted with a near miss.

Unable to see ahead of them due to the fog and bad weather conditions, the crew were forced to rely on their instruments and the B&G Broadband 4G™ Radar to help them negotiate the iceberg fields. Soldini’s team spotted the iceberg, which appeared as a foreign object on the screen of the B&G Zeus chartplotter and immediately took evasive action, avoiding impact with the iceberg.

Giovanni Soldini said: “Thanks to the super B&G radar, we navigated through the icebergs in total safety. Broadband 4G™ Radar saved our lives that night, without the radar in heavy fog, it would have been impossible to see the 50 metre iceberg just in front of our boat”.

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29 May 2012

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WTP3 Software update now available

WTP3 software update now available!

New B&G WTP3 software, version R1.2.6, is now available for download.
It includes the ability to decode PTVF sentence from an Octans compass and improves existing features including;

  • Display of Remote Channel information from Deckman
  • Race Timer Sync command from Deckman
  • Pitch Period corrected
  • Improved Pilot Fastnet functions
  • Boat log information is retained during a power cycle
  • MHU1 and MHU2 can now be connected to independent CAN channels
  • COG Mag. as well as True data now decoded from the NMEA RMC sentence

You can download this software update from simply follow the instructions contained in the WTP3 user manual in order to update.

21 May 2012

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B&G Supports Famous Kiel Week Regatta

B&G is proud to announce that it is an official equipment supplier of the 2012 Kiel Sailing week in Germany. The world-famous event which takes place in June involves 5,000 sailors, 50 countries, 1000 yachts, almost 40 sailing events and more than 400 planned regatta starts over ten race courses.


B&G will be playing a major role in this year's event by providing all Race Officers and Mark Boats with VHF Radios and GPS equipment. The B&G Team will also be on hand to give regatta support throughout the sailing events and will be helping on water throughout the week to help boaters make the most out of their B&G marine electronics.


For more information on Kiel week and its surrounding events, please visit the official website.

03 May 2012

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B&G to supply complete instrumentation package for Skandia Team GBR support RIB

B&G has been appointed an Official Sponsor by Skandia Team GBR and is supplying a complete suite of electronics for the RIB that will work with the crews to help them prepare for major events in Weymouth and Portland – the venue for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic sailing competitions.

B&G will provide the 8-inch Zeus multifunction chartplotter specifically developed for sailing boats, along with the new Triton instrument system and the latest zero- emission Broadband 4G Radar. Based at the team facility in Portland Marina, the RIB will act as an on-the-water hub for Skandia Team GBR’s preparations and will play a key role in race training, communications, monitoring weather conditions, rest and rehydration in the summer and towing duties when required.

Skandia Team GBR will be in action at the 2012 games from the 29th July 2012, all at B&G would like to wish them the very best of luck!!

03 February 2012

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