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Triton HV Displays

Triton HV Displays offer dedicated mast display that is not only rugged, but full of functionality. Glass bonded and packed full of B&G race-winning pedigree, Triton HV Displays can be easily integrated into your existing onboard electronics, and simply controlled via your Triton display.

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Triton Display Integration

Control the data displayed on your Triton HV Display from your Triton Display

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B&G Precision

Grand Prix derived technology provides the best mast displays possible

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Integrate with your marine electronics network for instant data

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Bonded Glass Display

Zero condensation ensures a clearly visible screen in all seasons and provides outstanding longevity and durability.

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Micro-C connectors provide quick and easy daisy chain connection that is ideal for adding to your existing network.

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Feature Packed

Clearly locate and read information including wind, speed, depth, heading, timer and much more