From £469, this versatile chartplotter with multi-touch and pinch-to-zoom, now available in a 5”, 7” and 9", comes packed with innovations for sailors. Vulcan integrates with your on board instruments to unlock award-winning sailing features including SailSteer™ and Sailing Time. With built in Wi-Fi, keeping up to date with all the latest sailing apps and services is easy. To make the most of your Vulcan and the features it can offer, additional transducers, data inputs and software updates may be required.

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Versatile, easy-to-use chartplotter

The Vulcan series provides a versatile, easy-to-use chartplotter with multi-touch and pinch-to-zoom, available in a 5", 7" or 9" display. Entering waypoints and routes is quick and simple and the internal high speed 10Hz internal GPS antenna ensures pinpoint accuracy.

Meet the Vulcan 9 - Vulcan's newest family member

For club racers and sail cruisers demanding more functionality and a bigger display, the new Vulcan 9 is the ideal chartplotter.

Boasting a 9" multi-touch screen and featuring radar compatibility, the Vulcan 9 is an affordable solution for sailors that require more than an entry level plotter.

See more about the Vulcan 9 

Packed with award-winning sailing features

Simply add a wind, compass and speed sensor to your Vulcan system to access a whole host of advanced sailing features such as B&G's award-winning SailSteer and Sailing Time.

SailSteer allows sailors to view crucial sailing data on one handy screen, or alternatively overlaid on your position on the chartplotter screen. View more about SailSteer 

Show the desired track Upwind or Downwind, with tacking / gybe points for confident, safer navigation.

Proven race features including Start Line, Start Line on Chart, Race Timer, Windward/Leeward Course Builder & What If? View more about RacePanel

Vulcan9 sail features

Vulcan 5 Chartplotter Instruments Screen

Highly visible instrument display

With the addition of sailing instruments and sensors via NMEA 2000® network, SailSteer evolves with the possibility to show Boat Speed, Wind data, Heading, Tide, Wind Shift Sectors and even Laylines - enhancing the detail on the SailSteer and chart screens.

Use the Vulcan as a an instrument display with single, dual and 4-way split readouts.

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Wide choice of charts

Choose from C-Map™, Navionics®, NV Digital™ or Insight charting options to make the most of your routing and planning. Charts are available for immediate download at the GoFree Shop.

Find out more about charts and cartography options for your Vulcan

Choice of charts

Fully functioning autopilot controller

When connected to a B&G pilot system, the Vulcan chartplotter also acts as a fully functioning autopilot controller providing intelligent Sail Steering, manual and auto steering functions and Smart Manoeuvre combined with intuitive menus for ultimate control.

Vulcan 5 Chartplotter autopilot

Vulcan 5 Chartplotter ForwardScan Screen

See what lies ahead with ForwardScan*

Add the ForwardScan transducer directly to your Vulcan display to see what lies ahead under the water. Enjoy a clear and easy to read image of the bottom ahead of your boat as ForwardScan transmits and receives up to ten times faster for real-time updates.

Explore poorly-chartered waters confidently, avoid upcoming dangers or obstructions and set custom shallow depth alarms.

*Additional transducer required

Find out more about ForwardScan

Integrated Wi-Fi

Vulcan has built in Wi-Fi allowing you to connect to the internet, via a marina or smartphone Hotspot, and access the GoFree Shop where you can download charts and software updates direct to your Vulcan chartplotter. You can also repeat your Vulcan display on your smartphone or tablet allowing you to view and control (tablet only) your chartplotter from virtually anywhere on your boat.

Download the B&G Controller App for iOS

Download the B&G Controller App for Android

Vulcan5 with Tablet

Expand your Vulcan network

Advanced NMEA 2000 network integration facilitates various options including: SonicHub™ marine audio server to enjoy your favourite music whilst on the water, DSC VHF Marine Radio and AIS transponder/receivers for the ultimate in on water safety and communication.

Vulcan 9 owners can also benefit from radar compatibility.

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Vulcan 5 networking

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