H3000 Autopilot (ACP1/ACP2) Software Upgrade

Enhancements have been made to the H3000 autopilot in response to some requests that have been made by customers.The following changes have been made:

  • Heel and Trim data is now decoded onto Fastnet when the ACP processor is the heading source (heading source=18)
  • POLAR steering mode is now available when used in conjuction with a Hercules Performance CPU
  • +/- 10º dodge commands sent from a wired handheld pilot controller (PLHH-ACP) are now treated as permanent course changes rather than a temporary dodge. The Auto/Resume button will now only engage the pilot, it does not resume the previous stored course if the Pilot is already engaged.

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  • Version R2.03
  • Release Date 01st May 2012
  • File Size ~0 MB
  • File Format UPD