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H3000 Hercules Motion Pack *DISCONTINUED*

For those at the top end if yacht racing who are looking for precision data but who do not require the additional power and features of the WTP3 System. B&G's Performance Wind Filter and Motion Sensor provide the most stable and accurate data available outside of a WTP3 processor.

  • Feature Packed
  • Highly Accurate
  • B&G Precision
  • Expandable

Pack Includes:

BGH250004 H3000 Motion CPU
Precision Computer Processing Unit for use with the Hercules Motion Base Pack. For those who require highly accurate data without the need for the WTP3 system.
BGH210001 H3000 GFD Pack
BGH340001 H3000 Motion Sensor Pack
HB-3000 H3000 Owner’s Handbook
135-0A-096 Power Cable, 3m
135-0A-098 NMEA Cable, 4m
135-0A-130 Fastnet Cable, 10m
239-00-099  Fastnet Terminator Kit


H3000 USB Pack

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H3000 Hercules Motion Pack *DISCONTINUED* BGH300004  
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