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DST 800 Sensor

Speed, Depth and Temperature from a single through-hull sensor.

  • Combined Speed & Depth
  • High Accuracy
  • Single Hull Fitting
  • Integrated Sea-temperature

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Part Numbers

Description Part Number RRP
DST800 Transducer - Bronze Housing 000-10960-001 RRP: £430.00 (inc. VAT)
DST800 Transducer - Plastic Housing 22098552 RRP: £320.00 (inc. VAT)
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Depth, Speed and Temperature Transducer

The DST800 Smart™ Sensor features embedded micro-electronics. Depth, speed, and temperature signals are processed inside the sensor and can be displayed on any radar, chartplotter, or device that accepts NMEA 2000® data. The 235 kHz frequency prevents mutual interference with other echosounders on the vessel.

The DST800 offers depth, speed, and temperature in a single, 51 mm (2") fitting. Only one hole through the hull simplifies the installation.


Plastic housing recommended for fiberglass or metal hull only.
Never install a plastic housing in a wood hull since swelling of the wood can possibly fracture the plastic.

Bronze housing recommended for fiberglass or wood hull.
Never mount a bronze housing in an aluminum hull because electrolytic corrosion will occur.