Zeus² Software Update

  • Wirelessly access weather data from Predictwind accounts
  • Enhanced laylines with Targets tables for true wind angle and target boat speed
  • Start Line functionality integrated, to help you get the perfect start.
  • Fast route entry to plot your course quickly.

Wireless download of Weather information with Predictwind*.

Planning a trip or a race with good wind and weather forecasts is most important aspect of sailing. You can now wirelessly download Predictwind GRIB (gridded binary file used to store meteorological forecasts) files to your Zeus2 and Vulcan chartplotter. Predictwind is one of the top of the line suppliers of weather forecasting GRIB files allowing you to view local forecasts of up to 1km resolution to off shore route planning with ranges of up to 100km. This will make you’re your passage safer, faster and more comfortable.

Find out more about Predictwind: www.predictwind.com

Target True Wind Angle and Boat Speed Tables

A simple table that allows you to customise for your own boat the target boat speed and true wind angle for a known true wind speed.  This information will not only help you to sail the boat to its true potential it will also be used to give you more accurate Laylines within the chart plotter.

Integrated Start Line

The start-line function gives you all the information you need to gain a good start. Simply ‘ping’ the two ends of the start line and it will give you the following features:

An indication of the favored end with and indication of the line bias.

A clear and simple race timer.

A moving track showing your distance from the line, speed and whether you are early or late.
Calculations are corrected for tide.

Faster Route Entry

A simple method of creating routes quickly by using pre-stored waypoints. Simple add the waypoint names and separate with a comma. This is ideal for racing over known bodies of water or changing you planned course when cruising short handed.

*Wireless Predictwind functionality requires a separate   account with Predictwind.

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  • Version 4.0
  • Release Date 18th August 2016
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