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Insight Planner DVD

SKU: 000-11093-001

Insight Planner is the ultimate PC software for marine navigation planning with B&G chartplotters. Create waypoints, routes, and points of interests, on a wide variety of supported cartography platforms such as Insight, Navionics, and raster charts using the BSB format.
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Product details

Plan journeys from the comfort of home with Insight Planner, the ultimate PC software for marine navigation planning. Insight Planner lets you seamlessly create routes, waypoints and points of interest (POIs) on a PC using a multitude of cartography products from Navionics® and C-MAP® by Jepessen to Insight Genesis, BSB raster charts and even scanned maps. You can transfer your plans directly to your B&G Zeus Touch multifunction display via an SD Card.Compatible with a variety of map products including Insight Genesis, C-Map by Jepessen and Navionics®, as well as: Insight maps (US only) including Lake, Nautic and Topo, NOAA ENC (US only), BSB, NOAA RNC (US only), Canadian Hydrographic Service, MAPTECH, BSB/EAP (Germany), NV.DIGITAL, DRG, ECW, JPR, TRAK Maps, ETOPO, GeoTIFF ,GeoGrid and Fugawi Street Overlay. Download instantly now or purchase a DVD version from the InsightStore. Plan and transfer routes, waypoints and POIs Plan routes using multiple charts for verification and safety purposes. Use scanned maps Transfer waypoints to Google Earth View multiple charts Find out how to purchase Insight Planner here.

Key Features

  • Seamlessly plan and transfer routes, waypoints and POIs
  • Splitscreen options allow you to view multiple charts from different supported formats at different zoom levels.
  • Plan routes using multiple charts for verification and safety purposes.
  • Transfer waypoints directly to Google Earth or GPX file.
  • Plan and transfer using Lowrance waypoint and POI icons.
  • Use multiple vector and raster charts including:
  • Insight charts including Lake, Nautic, Topo and Genesis
  • C-MAP by Jeppeson
  • Navionics® Platinum+, Platinum, Gold+, HotMaps® Premium, and HotMaps Platinum charts
  • S-57 nautical charts (e.g. NOAA ENC®, Army Corps iENC)
  • S-63 Encrypted ENC charts (requires user permit)
  • BSB Version 1 through 5 raster nautical charts (NOAA RNC™, MAPTECH™, CHS, NDI DigitalOcean, Fugawi, GPS GmbH)
  • NV.Digital (BSB/EAP from Nautische Veröffentlichung Verlagsgesell)
  • TRAK Maps