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ForwardScan Transducer only

SKU: 000-11675-001

<p>ForwardScan™ transducer - No sleeve or plug</p>

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Product details

ForwardScan™ transducer - No sleeve or plug

Minimum product requirements

ForwardScan requires the StructureScan® HD port on the back of your Simrad GO series, NSS evo3, or NSS evo2 display. Installation requires the ForwardScan stainless steel sleeve and other mounting hardware, sold separately.

Key features

  • Forward-Looking 2D Sonar Imaging
  • Bottom Color Tracking for a Simplified Bottom View
  • Heading Line View Combines ForwardScan Depth Data Into Heading Line on Charts
  • Shallow Depth Alarm
  • Maximum Forward View of 8X Current Depth, Nominally 4-5X Current Depth
  • Operates at 180 kHz, Reducing Interference from Traditional 200 kHz Echosounders
  • Built-In Temperature Sensor
  • 50.8mm (2-Inch) Stainless Steel Through-Hull Fitting
  • Connects Directly to B&G Zeus3 and selected Vulcan models, or Zeus2 via SonarHub Sounder Module
  • Transducer only- does not include thru-hull fitting sleeve