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RF25N Rudder Reference Sensor with Micro-C connector

SKU: 000-10756-001

Medium duty rudder feedback unit with NMEA 2000® interface.

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Product details

The RF25N is a medium duty rudder feedback unit with a NMEA 2000 interface. The RF25 will attach directly to NMEA2000 systems for straight-forward installation.

Key Features

  • ±120° measurement
  • Precise and accurate to ±0.5°
  • SimNet / NMEA 2000® connectivity
  • 5.5m (18ft) attached cable


0,5kg (1,1 lbs)
Compass Safe
0,5m (19,7")
Supply Voltage
12-16V via CAN
NMEA 2000 Connectivity
1x CAN Micro-C port, 1 LEN
Warranty Period
2 years
Operating Temperature Range
-25C to +55C (-13F to +131F)
Storage Temperature Range
-30C to +70C (-22F to +158F)
Power Consumption max
40mA (from CAN)
Power Consumption typical
40mA (from CAN)
Dimensions H x W x D
99 x 65 x 177mm (3,90 x 2,56 x 6,97")
Mounting Type
Horizontal, Vertical, Upside-down