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Highly accurate mapping for coastal and inland waters

C-MAP Marine Cartography

Packed with features that enhance any boating lifestyle, C-MAP's range of charts include Dynamic Raster Charts, High-Resolution Bathymetric Charts, Tides and Currents and Custom Depth Shading, with worldwide coverage. C-MAP charts are available in a number of areas of coverage. 

Ultra-High Resolution Bathymetric Imagery

REVEAL charts bring you the very best of C-MAP, including game-changing Shaded Relief – bringing the world around and beneath you to life in a completely new way.


C-MAP MAX-N+ is packed with features that enhance any boating lifestyle.

Dynamic Raster Charts give sailors a traditional “nautical chart” view with the ability to access important information. High-Resolution Bathymetric (HRB) charts and Sportfishing Data deliver powerful technology for avid anglers.

Tides & Currents projections help both sailors and anglers plan their day.

Easy Routing helps to automatically plot the shortest, safest route based on detailed chart data and user vessel information.

New depth shading: many options available whether you set a safety depth, maintain a paper like view or your own custom color for depths

With these features and many more, C-MAP MAX-N+ is ready to take your boating enjoyment to new levels. 

Three sizes are available: 'L' (Local), 'C' (Coastal) and 'W' (Wide)


C-MAP MAX-N cartography gives B&G customers access to accurate, up-to-date C-MAP chart data trusted by navigators around the globe.

C-MAP MAX-N opens up a new world of performance for cruisers, sailors and fishermen, providing the detail, advanced features and coverage to fuel every boating adventure.

Two sizes are available: 'L' (Local) and 'W' (Wide) coverage.