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B&G Sailing Instruments

B&G's Sailing Instruments are famous the world over for their durability, accuracy and clarity - and there's an instrument range to suit every sailor







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The powerful H5000 CPU with Hercules software is geared for race track success featuring expanded data options and enhanced racing features.
€2.480.00 Ex. VAT

The H5000 Hydra CPU is the brains behind the ultimate cruiser/racer system. Its ultra-fast ARM processors deliver data in an instant and the browser-based setup allows straightforward and flexible configuration.
€1.610.00 Ex. VAT

Provides serial data acquisition, and includes a range of input and output options to support a wide variety of sensors.
€1.070.00 Ex. VAT

The 10/10HV is a lightweight, high performance data display. Providing numbers where they’re needed, the HVision bonded displays deliver ultra clear instrument information with zero condensation.
€599.46 Ex. VAT

The Nemesis™ Hub allows you to combine two or more Nemesis 9 or 12 Sailing Displays, either on a mast, in the cockpit or at the helm station.
€375.00 Ex. VAT