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WS710 Wind Pack

SKU: 000-14384-001

The WS710 Wind Pack offers superb aerodynamics and accuracy. A 0.8m high modulus carbon spar elevates the wind sensor into clear air, above any sail-plan disturbance at the masthead. Pack includes 35m mast cable and junction box to aid mast-base connection.




WS700 Series Wind Sensors

The WS700 series is the ultimate wind sensor for performance sailing, providing the most accurate wind angle and speed data. The new one-piece vane design gives superb aerodynamics and stability, as a result of over 200,000 hours of combined design and wind tunnel testing.

Higher altitude for clearer readings

The vertical spar minimises the effect of sail-plan disturbance on wind measurement ensuring the best performance with minimum calibration. This means reliable True Wind Direction to make precise race calls when needed and better steer-to-wind performance in all conditions when on autopilot.


Choose from 4 options of vertical high-modulus carbon spars from 0.8 to 1.8m** in standard or ocean specification. 

WS700 series follows the same physical mounting as previous models (VHMU) providing an easy upgrade path.

**Spar sizes are indicative

Wide Compatibility

WS700 sensors are compatible with a variety of instrument systems.


WS700 compatible?



Yes (requires optional parts)

Compatible via WS310 interface option


Yes (requires optional parts)

Compatible via WS310 interface option



Recommendation: use 213 or BGH03xxxx wind sensors



Compatible via NMEA 0183 to CPU or Expansion Module.

Compatible via network with WS310 interface option



Software 2.2.1 or later recommended (previous versions compatible but require analogue port spoofing)

NMEA 0183-systemer


Does not require interface. Outputs “MWV,R” sentence @ 10Hz, 38.4k

NMEA 2000® systems

Yes (requires optional parts)

Compatible via WS310 interface option.

Display must have internal calibration facility. Certification pending

Straightforward installation

WS700 connects to your instrument system via a single mast cable, available in 4 different lengths from 25 to 80m.

Key Features

  • High precision and accuracy
  • High performance aerodynamic design
  • Ocean Race proven
  • Straightforward installation

What's in the box?

  • Junction Box 7 Terminal
  • WS300 35M (115') Cable
  • WS710 Vertical Wind Sensor