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Hochwertige Windsensoren für genaue und zuverlässige Winddaten

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A wind sensor for every boat

B&G wind sensors are the most reliable instruments of their kind. Chosen by the most discerning sailors from Americas Cup, SailGP and Vendée Globe teams to family cruisers, our wired and wireless sensors have been proven to be more reliable and far more accurate than any other wind sensor on the market.

B&G provide the same accuracy, reliability and performance for Americas Cup teams as we do for the leisure sailor, so you can trust in your B&G kit, no matter what.

WS300 & WS700 series

A new standard for wind sensors.

B&G's previous 213 wind sensor was already the benchmark for performance wind data, but in pursuit of perfection we carried out over 500 individual tests in the wind tunnel and more than 200,000 hours in the field to ensure that our latest generation wind sensors would deliver outstanding wind angle and speed measurements, whatever the conditions. The results speak for themselves...


WS320 wireless wind sensor

A hassle-free installation, same high accuracy.

The WS320 wind sensor is easy to install because there is no need to run any cables. In addition to that, it has a smart rechargeable power management system that guarantees reliable output five times per second, whatever the weather.

WS310 wired wind sensor

Ideal for wired installations and taller masts

The WS310 is ideal for cruising or club racing yachts with tall masts. The connecting cables come in 20, 35 or 80 m. It offers the same high performance and outstanding data accuracy as WS320 and is compatible with H5000, Triton or any NMEA 2000 network with a wired interface.

The new WS700 vertical masthead wind sensor

This is the ultimate wind sensor for competitive sailing or Bluewater cruising. What gives the WS700 series its edge is the sensor design coupled with the high modulus carbon spar that elevates the sensor above any sail-plan disturbance. Clear air means clean data, free of any turbulence that might lead to biased measurements. Accurate data (ten outputs per second) can give you the insights you need to tack on the perfect wind shift when racing, or for carefree cruising.

The spar is available in 4 lengths, between 0.8 – 1.8 m.

Our previous generation wind sensors

The 213 Masthead unit is an ocean-proven high performance wind sensor, providing raw wind speed and angle data to the instrument system.