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View your instrument data on your Apple device

Introducing Watch Leader: an app that allows you to repeat your B&G instrument data on your Apple watch, iPad and iPhone. 

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View instrument data on your Apple device

By connecting to your Vulcan, Zeus or H5000 system's WiFi network, the app enables the watch wearer to view instrument data from the displays on their wrist. 

The Osprey Technical team have used their in-depth knowledge and experience of B&G instruments to develop a new app for sailors.  Working solely with B&G electronics, the app uses the built-in Wi-Fi of the individual units to transmit data to the Apple Watch without the need for 3rd party software.  The data fetch process is also dynamic meaning software updates and other variables will also be retrieved.

Developed by sailors, for sailors

Watch Leader lets you view any available sailing data on your Apple Watch or iOS device

  • Speaks directly to your instruments - H5000, Vulcan and Zeus3
  • Automatic discovery of compatible devices
  • Unlimited number of data fields on your iPhone or iPad
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Power saving mode when Apple Watch is inactive

Connecting via the same WiFi network as your instruments, Watch Leader will automatically search for compatible devices on the network and pull through your instrument data. It couldn't be simpler.