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Volvo Ocean Race

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Official Volvo Ocean Race Supplier for 2017/18

B&G are proud to be an Official Volvo Ocean Race Supplier for the 2017/18 race. Sitting at the heart of the entire fleet of Volvo Ocean 65 yachts are B&G’s state-of-the-art navigation systems, tactical software and Grand Prix level instrument systems. B&G will also be providing race support to the organisers and crews of the 2017 Volvo Ocean Race.

B&G will be following the teams from Leg 0 right through to the final, offering a unique perspective and exclusive commentary from the race. And we have lots of exciting competitions and giveaways throughout the event including a chance to be at one of the race villages.

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Exclusive Insight From Libby Greenhalgh

Libby Greenhalgh will be no stranger to followers of the 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race. As the Navigator of Team SCA and winner of the B&G Navigators Prize, Libby is fully aware of the challenges that this year’s teams will face.

Libby will be providing exclusive commentary for B&G for each leg.

#heartoftherace video series

#heartoftherace - across the Southern Ocean

"Things are going to happen in this race that you would not expect in your wildest dreams!" - Knut Frostad

B&G #heartoftherace - Race Control: Safety First

Safety on the open ocean is a primary concern of the Volvo Ocean Race team. We spoke to Race Expert, Rick Tomlinson at Race Control in Alicante about how the team use B&G technology to keep a close eye on the sailors.

B&G #heartoftherace - On board the Turn the Tide on Plastic Volvo Ocean 65 sailing boat

Bleddyn Mon, crew member onboard Turn the Tide on Plastic, gives us a tour of the Volvo 65. 8 months - Could you handle it?

B&G #heartoftherace: Simon Fisher - Life as a Volvo Ocean Race Navigator

What is it like to be a Navigator in the Volvo Ocean Race? Simon Fisher, Navigator onboard Vestas 11th Hour Racing, describes what his role entails and what technology he uses to do the job.

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