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Autopilot Controllers

B&G autopilot keypads offer fingertip control of our world-leading sailing autopilots. The Triton² Pilot Keypad links with a Triton² display to create a full-featured, full-colour controller for your pilot. For H5000 Pilots, choose our H5000 Pilot Controller, which features a bonded LCD screen and dedicated keys for core functions.  







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Provides secure autopilot control and setup from its dedicated keypad. As the primary Pilot controller, or as a second station to a Zeus chartplotter, the Pilot Controller provides assured control and feedback via its high-resolution display.
€596.00 Ex. VAT

B&G Wireless Pilot controller and base station use the latest in Bluetooth® technology to give the helmsman control of his yacht from anywhere on-board.
€209.00 Ex. VAT