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B&G Radar

Putting your safety first

NEW: HALO Dome Radars

B&G’s award-winning Radar will keep constant watch over you and your crew. Whether you’re racing offshore or blue water cruising in severe conditions, through fog, iceberg fields or at night, you’ll be glad of the B&G HALO Radar range; receive a crystal clear image, right up to the bow of your boat. The new HALO pulse-compression radars provide the ultimate in target detection and high levels of safety with unbelievable clarity for both long and short range views simultaneously.

Broadband Radar

B&G offers two Broadband Radar™ choices; the outstanding Broadband 3G Radar and the exceptional Broadband 4G Radar. 3G broadband capabilities include excellent short range performance and a max range of 24 nm in an easy-to-use design. Broadband 4G Radar reinvents the standard, transforming the way you’ll navigate for good. Now you can monitor a buoy 200 feet away and keep track of coastal projections at 32 nautical miles all from one single dome at the same time for the ultimate in navigational safety.