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Suggested product by size of boat

Feature Loop S Loop M Loop P
Fully customized system with multiple interfaces available     Y
Dedicated Loop control page, in addition to the toolbar in the display   Y  
Simple Loop toolbar in the display Y    
Relay channels
Fused channels
Up to 8
Up to 8
Up to 8
Up to 8
Up to 32
Up to 32
Engine integration and monitoring with support for a range of J1939 and NMEA 2000® compatible engines Y Y Y
Relay-based switching modules with field serviceable relays and fuses Y Y Y
On-screen troubleshooting and switching-module diagnostics Y Y Y
Expandable Y Y Y

Featured Products

Loop S is a seamless system designed for smaller and lighter boats, and as a backup system in larger boats. Behind the intuitive sidebar control system, designed to be effective with even the smallest screens, there is the same technology as all Naviop Loop systems: simple to implement and incredibly efficient.
€1.089.74 Ex. VAT

Designed for 20-30 foot vessels, Loop M focuses on allowing you to have a monitoring and control system sporting a clear view of power board status, up to the single fuse or relay. And it comes with your style, of course.
€1.687.14 Ex. VAT