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Introducing Andreas Heide,

Andreas is an Arctic explorer and sailor who spends many months of the year sailing in the Artic Circle following and studying Orca Whales, with his Zeus³ system from B&G. Andreas and his boat Barba have experienced a huge range of testing conditions from freezing temperatures to inhospitable anchorages. They chose their B&G system for its reliability and durability and to ensure safety of the crew - all the time ensuring they have access to the right sailing information they need. You can find out more about Andreas and Barba’s journey’s on our social channels or on

 “We have journeyed as far as the pack ice, in sub zero temperatures and withstood Arctic storms, and all the while our B&G electronics have never failed us. I know I can get the sailing information and data I need and it will accurately tell me what I need to know”. Andreas Heide,  

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