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Tom Cunliffe chooses B&G

Find out what renowned yachtsman and author Tom Cunliffe is enjoying most about the new B&G system fitted to his yacht, Constance, in a recent refit. 

We are really proud to announce that renowned yachtsman and author Tom Cunliffe has recently chosen to join the B&G family. Tom has recently replaced his existing marine electronics with a full B&G set-up on board his yacht, Constance.  

From the array of information displayed on the Triton2  instruments on the pedestal to the reliability of the autopilot, and the capabilities of the Zeus3 chartplotter at the chart table, Tom shares his thoughts.  We are looking forward to hearing what he has to say in his forthcoming videos as he learns more about B&G and the specialist sailing features it has to offer sailors of all levels.

About Tom:

“Once upon a time I read law at university, but rather than becoming a barrister I ran away to sea. After heading up a dinghy school in the South of France, I served before the mast in small sailing ships, skippered yachts for private owners, raced offshore, worked as mate on a coasting merchant vessel and taught sailing and navigation at all levels. I'm still an RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Examiner and a consultant for the governing body of yachting in the United States. I like to say I've sailed everything from a Firefly dinghy to a serious schooner, and a few years back I was invited to be a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation.

"My private cruising has taken me to all sorts of places, including Brazil, Greenland, the Caribbean and even Communist Russia before the collapse of the Soviet Union. I believe my 1911 pilot cutter may well have been the third yacht into Leningrad after the 1917 revolution. I've written dozens of books, including two 'Best Book of the Sea' award winners, but in addition to this and my lecturing, I'm currently concentrating on TV and video. I've scripted and presented Discovery Channel’s ever-popular Boatyard, BBC TV’s Boats that Built Britain (both now available on YouTube via the 'Boatyard' channel) and I keep up the good work for my ever-growing list of YouTube subscribers with my channel Tom Cunliffe Yachts and Yarns.

There's also my internet club,, all of which keeps me busy. In between this lot, I live with my wife and fellow rover Roz in the New Forest where I ride a large motorcycle, drive a 1949 Bentley, and cultivate roses. My relationship with B&G began in a seamanlike manner over a bottle of rum at a party. I can still give you an accurate fix using only the stars, a sextant and a good timepiece, but my 44-foot cruising yacht Constance is fully equipped with B&G gear. It's quite a transformation, and I love it. “