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Inshore and Offshore, on the professional sail racing circuit every tenth of a second, or every slight shift of wind can mean the difference between winning and losing. This is where the reliability, speed and accuracy of information is critical. That’s why the SailGP teams and many, many other professional sailors and racers around the world choose B&G to provide them with the right information at the right time.
Whether you are blue water cruising, taking part in the ARC, exploring the Artic, racing around the cans or crossing the channel, it is key that you trust your electronics. Andreas Heide, from is a Norwegian sailor and explorer who studies Orcas in the Artic. He only trusts B&G to help him battle the conditions, knowing that the equipment will allow him to navigate safely whatever the situation.
Sailing with your family or friends, anchoring in glorious bays, sitting back and relaxing as you cruise to your next destination, cruising sailors want reliable and easy to use electronics, that can get from A to B safely, without too much hassle. Dan and Kika from Sailing Uma are liveaboard sailors and bloggers, travelling around the world's bays and coasts, they chose B&G to help them live their sailing dreams.