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Electronics for Multihull sailors

Get the best from your two hulls with B&G

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Systems for coastal cruising, blue water cruising and grand prix racers

Multihulls have specific requirements ranging from the obvious, such as multiple helming locations and dual rudders, through to options such as rotating masts and multiple speed and depth sensors. B&G have navigation, instrument and autopilot systems to suit all multihull sailors.

Open Living Space

Many catamarans have open saloon areas with the navigation area very much a part of the overall living space. B&G’s Zeus³S Glass Helm navigation systems allow full control and monitoring of systems via low-profile touch-enabled displays and convenient remote, providing a stylish and functional system to complement the interior.


Two hulls, two engines

The ability to monitor engine data from multiple NMEA 2000 equipped engines at multiple displays across the boat provides peace of mind and convenience.

B&G’s H5000 instrument system supports dual-depth sensors, configured to port and starboard - allowing display of both port and starboard depth values simultaneously.

Explore shallower waters

With a catamaran’s ability to explore shallower coves and beaches where charting may not be as reliable, sailors will benefit from ForwardScan functionality showing depth and underwater obstructions in front of the yacht.

Mast Rotation

For optimum range performance, radars should be located on the mast, rather than a low pole mount. If the mast rotates, it is critical to accurately correct for mast angle. B&G Zeus and Vulcan navigation systems dynamically rotate the radar image, AIS and MARPA targets as the mast is rotated, keeping the image perfectly aligned. Wind data can also be corrected for mast angle allowing the sensor to be located on top of the mast in clear airflow. This ensures you are getting the most accurate wind data to your instruments and autopilot.