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B&G Sailing Autopilots

B&G Sailing Autopilots give reliable control of your boat in the toughest conditions. B&G Autopilots have steered the world's top helmsmen to victory in every one of the world's oceans, and now our racing heritage is available to the cruising sailor and club racer in our Triton2 sailing autopilot range.

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Outstanding accuracy and reliability

B&G’s H5000 autopilots have been proven in the toughest conditions and most testing environments by some of the world’s best sailors. This race-winning technology is also available for the cruising sailor and club racer in our easy to use Triton² range, so whatever your requirements, B&G have an autopilot system for you. 


For cruising/club racing installations where you want excellent performance, choose a Triton² Autopilot. Triton² pilots feature intelligent Sail Steering functionality with compass and wind steering, Smart Manoeuvre controls to tack at the touch of a button, and chartplotter integration to enable waypoint and route navigation. 

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The record-breaking B&G H5000 Pilot features dedicated sailing algorithms and steering modes - Gust Response, Recovery and High-Wind Response. It has been proven in the toughest of conditions and the most testing environments and is ideal for short-handed cruisers or racers. 

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Build your B&G Autopilot system

B&G autopilots have been steering the world’s best racers to victory for decades, culminating in our world-leading H5000 pilot - and now our Grand Prix racing expertise is also available to cruising and club racing sailors in our Triton2 pilot range.  

Start with a drive unit

These are available in a number of sizes and specifications to suit your boat: Our range starts with the SD10 mechanical cable drive unit, designed for sailboats between 25ft and 37ft. There’s also the DD15, a direct drive autopilot unit for sailboats between 30-40ft. The range also includes hydraulic drives, with T1 and T2 hydraulic power rams, as well as the larger T3 and T4 rams for larger and high performance boats.

Autopilot computer

The brains of the autopilot is the autopilot computer. Choose from H5000 for top-level performance, or our outstanding NAC-2 and NAC-3 pilot computers to complement a Triton2 system.


Choose from Triton2 controllers, which have a neat keypad that works with our popular Triton2 instrument displays as well as our H5000 displays to offer intuitive, fingertip control of your autopilot. For the ultimate in control, choose our H5000 Pilot Controller, which features a bonded LCD screen and dedicated keys for core functions. All plug into your NMEA 2000 network, and you can also control B&G autopilots from our Vulcan and Zeus chartplotters.


You’ll also need a heading sensor, which supplies unrivalled heading, roll and pitch and rate-of-turn information to B&G autopilot systems.

Rudder Feedback

You’ll need a rudder feedback unit to tell the autopilot computer what the rudder is doing (depending on the drive you have as some, like the SD10, incorporate a rudder feedback unit).

Remote Control

If you’re planning a lot of short-handed sailing, then consider our WR10 wireless remote, which will allow you to control the pilot from anywhere on board.