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Triton² Sailing Instruments

B&G Triton² sailing instruments feature bright, clear displays and fully customisable screens in a low-profile mounting. View sailing data, depth, speed, wind and AIS over NMEA 2000 and enjoy excellent viewing angles and award-winning sailing features. 

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Your course looks clearer with Triton²

Triton² provides sailors with a clear view of key instrument data such as speed, depth, wind and heading along with a dedicated SailSteer technology page, designed specifically for sailors. Combined with a Triton² Pilot Keypad, the display can also serve as a complete autopilot control system.

Products in the Triton² series

Clear, Bright Display

The Triton² features a clear 4.1” LCD display which allows optimum viewing even in direct sunlight. You and your crew will be able to view key sailing information from almost any angle, at long distances and in any lighting condition.

Despite being super bright, the Triton² display uses minimum power, approx 150mA.

Easy to use sailing features

With sailing specific features including award winning SailSteer and WindPlot screens – along with integration with Zeus and Vulcan navigation systems for AIS and Sailing Time data, Triton² is the sailor’s solution.

  • See your optimum tacking angles and easily work out your laylines with SailSteer.
  • Understand recent changes in wind speed and direction with Wind Plot
  • Count down to the race start with Race Timer


Customise your view

This smart multi-purpose instrument can be configured to display multiple ‘pages’ of information such as vessel speed, heading, wind speed and direction, depth, AIS data, and more, combined with B&G SailSteer technology. Quickly switch between pages to access the information you need, when you need it.

The pages are user configurable so you can customise the display to view the crucial data that you and your crew want to see.

Fully functioning autopilot control

Add a Triton² Pilot keypad to create a fully functional autopilot controller featuring Intelligent Sail Steering functionality with compass and wind steering, Smart Manoeuvre controls to tack at the touch of a button, and chartplotter integration to enable waypoint and route navigation.


Set up your Triton² system

B&G Product Expert Mike Sugden talks you through the various Triton² Display settings and views to ensure you get the most from your B&G display when set up for cruising mode.

'Pick of the bunch'

Practical Boat Owner magazine reviewed Triton²  in their March 2017 issue in a test of five NMEA2000 instrument displays. They were impressed: ‘Pick of the bunch in terms of clarity and brightness was the B&G Triton², which also had some excellent graphics and preset screens.' 

‘The transflective LCD screen was the best of all we tested: crisp, clear and bright, with excellent viewing angles of around 170 degrees. The graphics were nicely presented and clear to understand.

 ‘The screens are heavily customisable, but the pre-programmed displays are useful out of the box. The wind page has been updated to match the ‘sailsteer’ function on B&G’s chart plotters… As a wind display it’s effective, and even more useful when you get used to reading the additional data as well. ‘

 ‘The AIS display was really good, allowing you to set alarms and view vessel data. You could also add vector lines to the AIS targets and your own vessel  to show their intentions on the screen. ‘

Practical Boat Owner, March 2017 issue: 'Tested: NMEA2000 Instruments'