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SD10 Drive Unit

SKU: 21120001

The SD10 is a mechanical drive unit featuring built-in rudder feedback for sailboats between 25ft and 37ft. The SD10 partners with the NAC-2 autopilot computer as part of an autopilot system. (Access to a quadrant or tiller is required).
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Product details

Highly Accurate
Minor incremental adjustments provide a smooth auto-steering experience.

180kg of cable thrust ensures the rudder moves, even under heavy loads.

Easy & Economical
Reduce the price of your installation with this cost effective package.

12V DC Power Supply

Integrated Rudder Feedback
The built-in rudder feedback unit ensures gentle and accurate steering.

B&G Construction
Brutally strong and built to withstand the environment.

Minimum product requirements

A compatible autopilot computer, heading sensor, control unit and other hardware are required to create a complete B&G autopilot system; autopilot packs are available to suit many common steering setups.

Key Features

  • Highly Accurate
  • Powerful
  • Easy & Economical
  • 12V DC Power Supply
  • Integrated Rudder Feedback


Compass Safe
1,5m (4,9 ft)
Operating Temperature Range
-15 to +55C (5 to 131F)
Dimensions W x H x D
170 x 220 x 140 mm (6,7 x 8,7 x 5,5")
Drive Maximum Thrust
180 kp
Warranty Period
2 years
Supply Voltage
2-12 VDC from AP Computer
Power Consumption typical
Drive Max Stroke
305mm (12,0")
Drive Max Boat Length
37 ft
4,9kg (10,8 lb)
Storage Temperature Range
-40 to +85C (-40 to +185F)
Drive Max Torque
45 kgm
Drive Max Boat Displacement
6500 kg (14300 lbs)
Power Consumption max
Mounting Type
Deck or bracket