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Connected Vessel


Connected Vessel


Connected Updates and Support

Today’s smartphones install regular updates over-the-air without the need for a separate PC; you can expect the same from a connected boat. We regularly release free software updates which deliver exciting new features, expanded accessory support, and enhanced performance. These updates can be installed on board via any Wi-Fi internet hotspot, making it easier than ever to keep your boat’s electronics up to date. 

B&G Connected Vessel products

Designed for 20-30 foot vessels, Loop M focuses on allowing you to have a monitoring and control system sporting a clear view of power board status, up to the single fuse or relay. And it comes with your style, of course.

Loop S is a seamless system designed for smaller and lighter boats, and as a backup system in larger boats. Behind the intuitive sidebar control system, designed to be effective with even the smallest screens, there is the same technology as all Naviop Loop systems: simple to implement and incredibly efficient.