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View weather data on your B&G chartplotter screen

View GRIB files on your Chartplotter screen

Overlay GRIB weather files on your Vulcan or Zeus chartplotter screen. Customers with a PredictWind subscription can download GRIB wind data files straight to their chartplotter over a wireless link, or you can load them manually from any source via the microSD card. *GRIB1 files only. 

PredictWind™ Weather Routing and Departure Planner

Weather routing is an online weather routing service, powered by PredictWind™, for creating the fastest or safest route for your trip based on weather conditions.

Weather Routing
Provides optimum routes based on your yacht’s performance, weather forecasts (multiple models) and tide/current data based on user settings for start time, motoring options and more

Departure Planning
This powerful tool will quickly summarise the wind conditions you will encounter at different start times. Departure Planning enables each route to be calculated at 1, 3, 6, 12 or 24 hour start time intervals.

Destination Forecast
 View the PredictWind weather forecast data at your destination on your B&G Vulcan or Zeus³ chartplotter.