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B&G® is proud to announce its partnership with H2Boat

Increased boat performance in an ecological and sustainable way

Southampton, UK - B&G®, the world’s leading sailing navigation and instrument specialist is pleased to announce its partnership with H2Boat, a pioneer in the use of a completely new energy source in the nautical world: hydrogen.  H2boat Energy Packs allow you to store and produce large quantities of zero-emission energy, integrating perfectly with the structure of the boat to increase its performance in an ecological and sustainable way, also increasing comfort thanks to the elimination of noise, odors and vibrations.

B&G is proud to support the team in their first mission - the "Zero-emission Tour of Italy by boat”, this circumnavigation from Imperia to Trieste is on a Phoenix 24 sailboat featuring the first Energy Pack, this pack will enable the boat to complete the journey without burning a single gram of fossil fuel. The boat is fully equipped with electronics from B&G which will assist them in their crossing, including a 12 inch Zeus™ 3 chartplotter with C-MAP® charts, two Triton² digital multifunction displays and the pilot remote system with wind station, autopilot and echo sounder module.

Engineers Paolo Olivieri and Alberto Traverso, from H2boat said “our system is currently the only one to have the necessary safety requirements to be used on ships and boats. As a result of the electrolysis process, hydrogen contained in the water is separated from the oxygen, directly on the boat. The hydrogen is then used to power a fuel cell system capable of guaranteeing the energy needed to power all the utilities available on board. The uniqueness of the H2boat Energy Pack lies in the fact that it uses a storage system for the hydrogen produced on board, based on the technology of metal hydrides contained in cylinders, which are able to absorb and therefore store the hydrogen at low pressure and without the need to refrigerate it. These cylinders can be contained where it is useful to have weight, in the boat bulb”.

“We are very enthusiastic about our technical partnership with the H2boat team” said Roberto Sesenna, General Manager Italy, B&G. “It is important to us that our partnerships complement our company ethos, and sustainability is a big priority for us. The H2boat Energy Pack, is a state of the art zero-emission system and a reference point in the market, much like our B&G equipment in the field of marine electronics. We are looking forward to collaborating further with the engineers at H2boat to deliver increased integration so the H2boat Energy Pack can be fully interfaced with our B&G systems and controlled from B&G touch screen displays."