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Electronics for cruising sailors

Recommended products for the coastal cruising sailor

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Equipping your boat is simple

B&G marine electronics have proven their outstanding accuracy and reliability by steering and navigating many of the world’s top sailors to race victory. This technology is now available for cruising sailors in an easy to use, easy to install and affordable range.




The heart of your system

With its superior flexibility and versatility, the Vulcan chartplotter forms the heart of the Compact Range and is very much a “do everything” display that can be used on any sailboat. With multi-touch and pinch-to-zoom, if you use a tablet or smartphone, you will be right at home adding waypoints and routes on the touchscreen display.

 Adding a Vulcan chartplotter to your boat is simple - just add power for basic navigation and chartplotting functionality. It’s compatible with your existing B&G system and even other manufacturers' products and systems via NMEA2000.

Remove the guesswork

Wind and tide can be unpredictable, so when out at sea, recalculating arrival times if you run into unexpected conditions can be tricky. Remove the guesswork from ETA calculations and benefit from a whole host of other useful sailing data with award winning sailing features including SailSteer and SailingTime. For advanced sailing features, simply add wind, compass and speed log sensors to your system.



SailSteer brings all the data you need to see in one powerful display. See true and apparent wind, tide, heading and layline information all on one easy-to-understand screen.

Navionics SailSteer Overlay Chart2_EMEA copy.jpg_11717.jpg


SailingTime calculates a realistic ETA based on your upwind progress, letting you identify the quickest way to get upwind

Navionics Chart with SailSteer page_EMEA.jpg_11716.jpg


Vulcan calculates your progress with Laylines based on wind and tide conditions to help you get upwind as quickly as possible



Keep an eye on wind direction and strength with windplot, allowing you to reef in plenty of time

Key Instrument Data

As sailors, we know the importance of being able to glance at the display and get the data you need. The Vulcan chartplotter can be used as an Instrument display but many sailboats use additional Triton² instrument displays onboard to ensure they always have access to key data. Triton² is a multi-purpose instrument and can be configured to display multiple pages of information such as vessel speed, wind, heading, depth, AIS and more.

Clarity and Safety

B&G's V20 VHF DSC radio gives you crystal-clear voice communication, with built-in DSC alert functionality to let you send distress alerts at the push of a button

Anchor with confidence

Being able to anchor confidently expoands your sailing horizons by opening up a whole new world of secluded anchorages. The award winning ForwardScan forward-looking sonar shows what lies ahead under the water with approaching depth information so you can anchor in the best location. It is also great if you are exploring poorly-charted or unfamiliar waters, showing you a clear image of the bottom structure ahead of your boat.