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H5000 performance sailing electronics

Outstanding instruments and autopilots for high performance racing and bluewater cruising

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Performance Highlights

B&G’s H5000 Instrument systems deliver high-performance, sailing-specific features and powerful race-proven technology to sailors who appreciate the best.


3D Motion

Wind measurement is affected by the wind induced at the top of the mast by the pitching and rolling of the yacht. The solution is 3D motion correction. H5000 takes data from multiple sensors including high-specification rate-gyros to correct for induced wind, providing the best wind solution available in an instrument system.


H5000’s StartLine feature provides high-resolution data for distance to line, distance to line ends, line bias and the boat-lengths gained by starting at the favoured end. H5000 StartLine uses BowPosition, calculating the position of the yacht’s bow ten times per second. For the ultimate in starting performance, interface H5000 with a Zeus3 chartplotter.

H5000 Interface

Browser-based configuration of the H5000 system enables advanced calibration, set-up and diagnostics without the hassle of negotiating a complex menu system. The powerful web-style interface can be accessed via PC, tablet or smartphone.

Advanced Calibration

H5000 offers the ultimate in high resolution sensor input, the best processing techniques and optimum system calibration, with corrections for almost every function for the most precise data.

Select a Sailing Processor to match your sailing requirements

Triton™ Edge™

Ideal for cruisers and small race boats, Triton Edge Sailing Processor delivers an enhanced and more accurate suite of sailing data to your Triton and Nemesis displays, Vulcan or Zeus Chartplotters, and allows for increased control and access of all your information on and off the yacht, via App integration and Web browser control.


Hercules® is a sailing processor built for sailors who demand more. It boasts greater accuracy, richer features, and better connectivity than ever before. Broad compatibility and advanced datasets give performance sailors the upper hand in competition. And a brand-new web interface allows for easy data recording and management for all.

Hercules® WTP

Hercules® WTP is B&G's most advanced sailing processor, sitting at the heart of Grand Prix sailing systems. Python scripting allows users to script custom variables, calibration routines and more. Extended third-party support and the addition of ModBus technology open Hercules WTP up to a new world of integration, including third party technology.

Displays to suit any boat

The H5000 range includes displays to suit any boat. From full-colour graphic displays to high-visibility mast units and analogue displays for classic boats, you can have H5000 data presented in a style that suits your boat - and they're all simple to connect with NMEA2000.

H5000 Graphic Display

The H5000 Graphic Display boasts a 5-inch, sunlight viewable, colour screen with a highly intuitive user interface. It’s packed with sailing features including SailSteer, StartLine and WindPlot, for tracking weather trends.

H5000 Race Display

The bonded glass H5000 Race Display features a large, clear custom display to deliver essential race data at a glance. With huge viewing angles and excellent visibility, this 5-inch LCD screen is sunlight readable and the backlight can be dimmed to almost zero for night sailing.

H5000 Analogue Displays

H5000 Analogue displays provide proven H5000 accuracy in analogue form for classic boats and a traditional look. Displays are available for Apparent and True wind angle, depth, boat speed, heading and rudder angle.


This new generation of intelligent sailing display offers unparalleled visibility, with complete customisation or easy to use multi-function templates and automatic dashboards based on your angle of sail.

H5000 Pilot Advanced Sailing Features

The H5000 Pilot isn’t the same as other autopilots. Its expert systems constantly monitor heading, wind, sea-state, heel angle and other variables to react to changes in conditions immediately, providing the performance you expect from H5000's Advanced Sailing Features and safety in equal measure.


Recovery mode

Recognises sudden course deviations caused by out of pattern waves or ship wakes and ensures that the yacht returns to the course quicker.

Gust Response

Gust response takes preventative action based on incoming H5000 or WTP3 instrument data to hold a more stable course in changeable wind conditions.

High-Wind Response

High-wind response naturally bears the yacht away if wind increases while reaching to keep the boat flatter and driving faster. B&G’s H5000 Pilot contains failsafe systems and user configurable hard-limits to provide safety features to match its performance.

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H5000 includes instrument displays, sensors, autopilots and CPUs - explore the range here

This powerful 5-inch, sunlight viewable, colour display with a straightforward user interface is packed with unique sailing features including SailSteer and Start Line.