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B&G Wind Sensors

Superb quality wind sensors for accurate, reliable wind data

B&G Wind Sensors

A wind sensor for every boat

B&G wind sensors are the most reliable instruments of their kind. Chosen by the most discerning sailors from Americas Cup, SailGP and Vendée Globe teams to family cruisers, our wired and wireless sensors have been proven to be more reliable and far more accurate than any other wind sensor on the market.

B&G provide the same accuracy, reliability and performance for Americas Cup teams as we do for the leisure sailor, so you can trust in your B&G kit, no matter what.


WS300 & WS700 series

A new standard for wind sensors.

B&G's previous 213 wind sensor was already the benchmark for performance wind data, but in pursuit of perfection we carried out over 500 individual tests in the wind tunnel and more than 200,000 hours in the field to ensure that our latest generation wind sensors would deliver outstanding wind angle and speed measurements, whatever the conditions. The results speak for themselves...


Our previous generation wind sensors

The 213 Masthead unit is an ocean-proven high performance wind sensor, providing raw wind speed and angle data to the instrument system.