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Tom Cunliffe chooses B&G

Find out what renowned yachtsman and author Tom Cunliffe is enjoying most about the new B&G system fitted to his yacht, Constance, in a recent refit. 

Tom Cunliffe chooses B&G

We are really proud to announce that renowned yachtsman and author Tom Cunliffe has recently chosen to join the B&G family. Tom has recently replaced his existing marine electronics with a full B&G set-up on board his yacht, Constance.  In this video Tom explains how he's using his new kit while off cruising and is excited by the features it has to offer.

From the array of information displayed on the Triton2  instruments on the pedestal to the reliability of the autopilot, and the capabilities of the Zeus3 chartplotter at the chart table, Tom shares his thoughts.  We are looking forward to hearing what he has to say in his forthcoming videos as he learns more about B&G and the specialist sailing features it has to offer sailors of all levels.

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