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Americas Cup: how to view the course areas on your chartplotter

Lucky enough to be watching the Americas Cup from the water? There's a lot to think about as skipper if you're going to avoid not only 50 knot foiling monsters, let alone your fellow spectators!

Luckily, your B&G chartplotter can help. Download the .gpx file below and your Vulcan or Zeus chartplotter will display the race areas overlaid on the chart, so you'll have no excuse!

How to import the file

Download the file to a blank microSD card, and place it in your chartplotter's card slot. From the home screen, go to Files and locate the gpx file on your memory card, then press Import. With this done, the file will be stored on your chartplotter. Watch the video to find out how to do it. 

Please Note – These files are for guidance only and courses are subject to change. Please ensure you register with the Americas Cup website for any course changes.