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Electronics for Club Racing

Get the edge on the racecourse with B&G

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Remove the guesswork

B&G advanced sailing features give you the edge on the race course.  For advanced sailing features including SailSteer and SailingTime., simply add wind, compass and speed log sensors to your system.


SailSteer brings all the data you need to see in one powerful display. See true and apparent wind, tide, heading and layline information all on one easy-to-understand screen.


StartLine is now included on B&G Chartplotters. Just 'ping' each end of the line and StartLine gives you all the information you need to be on the line as the gun goes

What If?

Call for a gybe set before your competitors have realised the wind has shifted: What If? lets you plan for upcoming legs, showing wind angles and headings based on either actual wind or manual data.


Windplot lets you see if that windshift was oscillating or a progressive shift, meaning you can identify lifts and headers with ease