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Sailing Features

Designed by sailors for sailors

B&G chartplotters and instruments are packed full of innovative and exclusive features that will help you get the most from your time on the water. Whether you're racing round the cans, heading offshore or cruising along the coast, B&G sailing features will help you get there faster, more efficiently and more safely. Explore our exclusive sailing features below:


SailSteer is a sailing feature exclusive to B&G chartplotters. It takes your instrument data and displays it in one screen that is easy to interpret and understand.

Your boat is shown in the centre of the screen, always heading to the top, circled by a compass rose which moves as you change heading.  Indicators show Apparent Wind Angle (AWA), True Wind Direction (TWD) and Course Over Ground (COG). If you are navigating to a waypoint, the SailSteer screen will also show the bearing to the waypoint.

The central blue arrow shows tidal flow and set and at the bottom of the diagram you can see your rudder angle.

All the data is also visible in the two columns either side of the diagram.


StartLine gives you the edge on the race course. 'Ping' both ends of the line and your Vulcan or Zeus chartplotter will give you all the information you need to be first across the line. 


Setting a route for a windward-leeward course on a chartplotter has historically been difficult without the coordinates. RacePanel allows you to enter the windward mark's position with a range and bearing, allowing navigators to quickly set a route and starting working out the course. 


Navigation data is calculated via laylines, rather than a simple straight-line waypoint to waypoint route, which is rarely followed by sailors. B&G chartplotters calculate and display laylines on the chart for the ultimate in navigational accuracy. 

Race Timer

Don't miss a gun with RaceTimer, available on all B&G chartplotters. The countdown timer can be set to any value and even synchronised at the gun. 


Sailing Time calculates actual sailing time to a waypoint via Laylines rather than a straight line route, which is rarely used by yachts and sailing boats.

Advanced Windplot

Know exactly what the wind is doing with Advanced Windplot. Track wind direction and shifts with easy-to-read graphs and trend lines, and identify oscillating and permanent shifts with the tack bar.