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Electronics for Bluewater Cruising

Go further and cruise in safety with B&G's performance electronics

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Demand more from your marine electronics

Blue-water, long-distance cruisers are often likely to find themselves in remote locations, facing harsh weather conditions. A long way from shore power and with little or no Internet access, the need for accurate and reliable data is key. B&G’s performance range has been designed to meet high demands while still being easy to use.

A truly integrated system

Whether it’s sharing charts across displays, receiving radar images, connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot for the latest data or integrating instruments and autopilots with NMEA 2000, the performance range navigation system is designed to meet these demands. And for those looking to get even more out of their boat, H5000 provides powerful calibration options for the ultimate instrument accuracy.

See clearly, even in fog

B&G's outstanding Broadband 4G radar shows you targets from 32nm right up to the bow of your boat. With excellent target definition, more range and beam sharpening, Broadband 4G radars have been put to the test by the world's most adventurous cruising sailors in the most extreme conditions.

Take control with Zeus™ 3S

B&G Zeus 3S is an easy-to-use chartplotter navigation system, ideal for the serious cruising sailor who requires a fully networked multi-station system. The SolarMAX screen offers the best in screen brightness and visibility. To ensure reliable control in all conditions and situations, Zeus 3S incorporates an all-weather touchscreen that works even while wet. It combines this with an integrated rotary dial and keypad capable of controlling all display functions.

See further with ForwardScan

Explore poorly-charted or unfamiliar waters confidently, avoid upcoming dangers or obstructions and set custom shallow depth alarms with B&G’s forward-looking sonar. With an effective range eight times the actual depth, ForwardScan helps you avoid groundings or damage to keels and rudders while pinpointing the ideal spot for anchoring.