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B&G Sailing Instruments

B&G's Sailing Instruments are famous the world over for their durability, accuracy and clarity - and there's an instrument range to suit every sailor

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Instruments for every sailor

Sailing instruments do not replace a sailor’s natural senses, but they enhance and validate them ensuring that you are prepared and informed when out on the water. Whether you require basic instrumentation for cruising or an advanced system for offshore racing, B&G’s instrument range has an option to suit every sailor.

Triton² Sailing Instruments and Autopilots

Triton² provides sailors with a clear view of key instrument data such as speed, depth, wind and heading along with a dedicated SailSteer technology page, designed specifically for sailors. Combined with a Triton² Pilot Keypad, the display can also serve as a complete autopilot control system.

The Triton² display’s low profile design, efficient LCD technology and easy installation makes it the perfect choice on cruising sailboats, or integrated within a full navigation system on cruising and racing boats.

Configure the Triton² display to essential instrument data or combine with a Triton² pilot keypad to create a fully functional autopilot controller.

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H5000: High Performance Sailing Instruments and Autopilots

B&G’s H5000 instrument and autopilot systems combine unique sailing features with race-proven technology in a straightforward package. Developed for blue water cruisers and racing yachts alike, the range brings powerful system options to complement and enhance your sailing passion and deliver a real performance boost on the water. 

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HV Mast displays

Compatible with Triton², H5000 and WTP3 systems and available in four sizes to suit any boat, our HVision diisplays provide ultra-clear instrument information with zero condensation. HV displays store 14 configurable pages, so whether you want to see True Wind Angle, Boat Speed, COG or anything else available on the NMEA 2000 network, getting the crucial information in the right place is simple. 

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WTP3 - Wave Technology Processor

WTP3, along with B&G’s range of displays, sensors and software, forms the heart of the ultimate Grand Prix instrument system.

The WTP3 system consists of a powerful multi-processor CPU linked to distributed data acquisition modules via three independent CAN networks. The possibilities for data collection and calculation are vast, supporting recent progression in both high-end racing and superyacht systems.

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Popular Instrument Options

Triton² Digital display

Multi-purpose sailing instrument and autopilot display with a 4.1-inch colour screen. Optical Bonding: Sporting an Optically Bonded 4.1-inch LCD display, Triton² allows you to see clearly in all conditions with its large clear colour display 100% free from condensation or fogging.. Efficient LCD Technology: Transflective LCD technology uses reflected ambient light to enhance day-time visibility, providing the clearest sailing dedicated display available. LED backlighting provides highly adjustable illumination when required, making Triton² exceptionally efficient and extending time available from your battery capacity.. Easy to Use: Triton² provides simple on-screen menus controlled by soft-touch and reliable waterproof buttons.. Intuitive design makes it easy to configure and use your display.. Low Profile Design: At just 8mm thin the Triton2 instrument adds a sleek look to any boat. Nearly half the dimension of its thick competitors, Triton² won’t get in the way, catch ropes or offend the eye!. NMEA 2000® Certified: NMEA 2000 certification means you can be confident when adding Triton2 to an existing NMEA 2000 system. NMEA 2000 certification also opens up a wide variety of future expansion options for your Triton² system... Easy Installation: A straight-forward front mounting method and a clip-on bezel over the (4) mounting screws combine with a single NMEA 2000 connection carrying both power and networked data.. The Triton² is simple and quick to install. Autopilot Integration: Triton² will display B&G Pilot data on a clear status screen.. With the addition of a Triton² Pilot keypad the instrument becomes a fully functional Pilot controller.
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H5000 Graphic Display

This powerful 5-inch, sunlight viewable, colour display with a straightforward user interface is packed with unique sailing features including SailSteer and Start Line. High-Contrast Optically Bonded LCD. 5" sunlight viewable, colour graphic, wide-screen display. Straight-forward, context-sensitive, user interface. Unique sailing features including SailSteer and Start Line. Robust, lightweight ABS construction. Core H5000 setup and calibration control

H5000 Analogue True Wind Angle 360 display

The B&G H5000 Analogue True Wind Angle display provides information for offshore sailors and racers. Front mounted, low profile design. ‘Daisy-chain’ option for ease of installation. Clear night lighting. High integrity mechanical construction including toughened glass display window. Compatible with H5000 and H3000 systems

20/20HV Display for H5000/Triton

The 20/20HV offers a lightweight, high performance data display able to store 14 configurable pages to show True Wind Angle, COG or SOG. Race Proven H-Vision Technology. High-Contrast Optically Bonded LCD. Durable, lightweight alloy construction. Inverse "white on black" display. Red or White night lighting. Configurable from H5000 or Triton Instrument systems. Zero condensation. Extremely low power consumption. Fast, responsive display. Single network cable supplies data and power