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Marine maps from C-Map and Navionics for your B&G chartplotter

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FREE C-MAP Chart Offer

Purchase any B&G Zeus³ or Vulcan sailing chartplotter and get access to the latest in high-quality digital map technology with premium C-MAP charts.

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A wide range of charting options

B&G supports a large variety of third-party mapping products, including charts from C-MAP and Navionics®. These are available to buy on microSD cards or you can download them directly to your Vulcan or Zeus chartplotter via the wireless GoFree store. 

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Packed with features that enhance any boating lifestyle, including Dynamic Raster Charts, High-Resolution Bathymetric Charts, Tides and Currents and Custom Depth Shading, with worldwide coverage.


Compatible with B&G Vulcan and Zeus Series chartplotters, Navionics charts provide worldwide electronic marine cartography, for another dimension in charting.

NV Digital

Nautical charts especially developed for leisure craft and professionals. Detailed coverage of the US East Coast

Nautical Maps Made Simple!

Our charts are accurate without being crowded. We keep a clear and sleek design, ensuring all the information you need to sail is in view at anytime, anywhere.

C-MAP Embark can be used seamlessly from a phone, tablet or computer to:

  • Plan your trip with ease: create waypoints and routes.
  • Get direction, speed and course when using transport mode
  • Save your favorite places and tracks to revist them later (or share!)


14 day FREE trial of premium features like offline maps, weather, and tide information.

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C-MAP charts for your plotter

Navionics charts