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Grand Prix Racing

Top-class electronics for the ultimate in control

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Pushing sailing innovation for over 60 years

B&G’s Grand Prix systems combine our most sophisticated electronics with industry-leading software to drive world-class performances and realise sailing ambitions. Our precision marine electronics and unrivalled sailing heritage inspire results. Beyond every milestone and success we strive to push sailing innovation.

The Navigation Station

The navigation station on board a Grand Prix race boat is the centre of the navigator’s world. All performance data, weather data and competitor position data is available. The H5000 display provides quick oversight of all sailing data, the PCs run tactical software connected to the WTP3 instruments, Zeus³ multifunction displays provide sailing data, radar display, chart/AIS overview and also allow touchscreen control and monitoring of all on board systems via the digital switching system.

The heart of the system

The WTP3 CPU is the heart of a grand prix racing boat. It is the most powerful, flexible and reliable instrument system available for the professional yacht navigator. It calculates data quicker than any other system with amazing accuracy. It provides sailing data for the crew on deck, navigation data for the navigator and also processes the output from the engine, sailing instruments and other yacht systems for transmission back to race HQ.

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Passionate about winning

B&G Instruments have been on board all winning boats in the Volvo Ocean Race, TP52 MedCup and America’s Cup along with setting records around the globe.

B&G understands the requirements of the professional racer – we understand that great products by themselves are not enough which is why our WTP3 systems are fitted by certified professionals and fully supported throughout your custom configuration.

Grand Prix Products

30/30HV Display for H5000/Triton

Lightweight, high performance data display with 63mm high digits Race Proven H-Vision Technology. High-Contrast Optically Bonded LCD. Durable, lightweight alloy construction. Inverse "white on black" display. Digit height: 63mm. Red or White night lighting. Configurable from H5000 or Triton Instrument systems. Zero condensation. Extremely low power consumption. Fast, responsive display. Single network cable supplies data and power

H5000 Graphic Display

This powerful 5-inch, sunlight viewable, colour display with a straightforward user interface is packed with unique sailing features including SailSteer and Start Line. High-Contrast Optically Bonded LCD. 5" sunlight viewable, colour graphic, wide-screen display. Straight-forward, context-sensitive, user interface. Unique sailing features including SailSteer and Start Line. Robust, lightweight ABS construction. Core H5000 setup and calibration control

Vertical Masthead Unit, 1450mm with 36m mast cable

Vertical Masthead Unit, 1450mm with 36m mast cable Ocean Race Proven. High precision. High-Modulus Carbon spar. Lightweight and Robust Mast Cable

WTP3 CPU System Pack

WTP3 provides data acquisition and eliminates the effects of boat motion to provide the most powerful and flexible instrument system available to the Grand Prix user. Lightweight, Robust and Waterproof CNC enclosure. Expandable system. Powerful internal processing. Configurable to suit wide range of B&G and 3rd party sensors. Display output controls. Precision data acquisition and processing. 3D Wave Technology corrects data for yacht motion. User level Javascript support