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Autopilot Drive Units

Direct drives and hydraulic rams for ultimate control

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There's a B&G Drive Unit for every boat

 Our range starts with the SD10 mechanical cable drive unit, designed for sailboats between 25ft and 37ft. There’s also the DD15, a direct drive autopilot unit for sailboats between 30-40ft. The range also includes hydraulic drives, with T0, T1 and T2 hydraulic power rams, as well as the larger T3 and T4 rams for larger and high performance boats. 


The SD10 is a mechanical drive unit featuring built-in rudder feedback for sailboats between 25ft and 37ft. It's designed to be connected to the tiller or rudder quadrant permanently and allows you to seamlessly switch between autopilot and manual steering in an instant. Quiet and low-power, it has been used by singlehanded club racers and cruising boats


The DD15 is a direct drive autopilot unit for sailboats between 30-40ft. Quiet, lightweight and efficient, it has an electromechanical clutch, which allows the mechanical steering to remain just as sensitive as without the drive unit attached. The DD15 has an integrated rudder feedback unit and has helmed a wide range of boats faultlessly all over the world's oceans. 

Hydraulic ram selection

B&G's drive unit range also includes high-quality hydraulic rams. These high power, efficient drive units deliver maximum power with minimum consumption. Ram drives allow the Power Steer mode on the Pilot to be used in cases of manual steering failure. The range includes rams for boats from 5 to 40 metres (up to 60 tonnes displacement). Use the graph and table to size your hydraulic ram. 

Choose your B&G Ram

Seven rams are available in the B&G range. When choosing a ram, it's always best to over-specify the drive unit to ensure that it will be able to cope in extreme conditions and to reduce wear and power consumption. 

Popular B&G Autopilot Drives

Mechanical drive unit with integrated rudder feedback for accurate auto-steering on 25-37ft sailboats.