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Get yourself in the Loop

Total control of your boat

Whether you are on the open sea or cruising the lagoons, full control is paramount. You need knowledge of the level of your tanks as well as to keep an eye on the route navigation system.

Get control the way you want

Loop answers your need for control with an integrated system where navigation, monitoring, and control conveniently use the same technology framework and interact seamlessly. Monitor, manage, and control key functionalities such as horn, lighting, navigation lights, bilge pumps, and other vital services on board.

A product range made to fit

With three models to choose from, each of them flexible and customizable, granting the control and navigation features previously operated by bigger systems.

Suggested product by size of boat

Feature Loop S Loop M Loop P
Fully customized system with multiple interfaces available     Y
Dedicated Loop control page, in addition to the toolbar in the display   Y  
Simple Loop toolbar in the display Y    
Relay channels
Fused channels
Up to 8
Up to 8
Up to 8
Up to 8
Up to 32
Up to 32
Engine integration and monitoring with support for a range of J1939 and NMEA 2000® compatible engines Y Y Y
Relay-based switching modules with field serviceable relays and fuses Y Y Y
On-screen troubleshooting and switching-module diagnostics Y Y Y
Expandable Y Y Y

Featured Products

Loop S is a seamless system designed for smaller and lighter boats, and as a backup system in larger boats. Behind the intuitive sidebar control system, designed to be effective with even the smallest screens, there is the same technology as all Naviop Loop systems: simple to implement and incredibly efficient.

Designed for 20-30 foot vessels, Loop M focuses on allowing you to have a monitoring and control system sporting a clear view of power board status, up to the single fuse or relay. And it comes with your style, of course.