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Introducing Naviop

Customised vessel-wide system monitoring and control

Customised vessel-wide system monitoring and control

Enhance your boat with vessel-wide monitoring and control capabilities. Loop extends the capabilities of selected B&G systems to monitor and display a wealth of information. This includes engine status, performance, fuel and other tank levels, energy management for DC and AC power systems, and other data from a vast range of supported systems and sensors. This information is presented through easy-to-read numeric and graphical displays, logically arranged on pages related to specific areas of functionality such as switching, propulsion, or tankage. Loop is a bespoke vessel integration system that connects all vessel services with a single touch.

Naviop Loop

  • Bespoke systems tailored to your vessel
  • Monitor and control propulsion systems
  • Control lighting, air conditioning, and other systems with digital switching
  • Monitor fuel and other tank levels
  • Manage on board electrical systems
  • Secure remote access through compatible PCs, smartphones and tablets