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Heading Sensors

B&G compass sensors send the most accurate heading, roll and pitch information to your B&G pilot, allowing it to keep your boat on course in even the toughest conditions. 

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Heading Sensors

An integral part of your autopilot system is the heading sensor. B&G's latest-generation compass sensors offer unparalleled accuracy. The Precision-9 Compass supplies heading and rate-of-turn information to B&G autopilot, radar and navigation systems. Incorporating a nine-axis array of solid-state motion and orientation sensors, the Precision-9 also provides accurate roll, pitch and heave data to compatible equipment via its NMEA 2000® interface. An adjustable mounting bracket and single-cable connection allow simple and cost-effective installation aboard any vessel, including an up-mast mounting option suitable for steel hulls.


The HS70 GPS compass is a smart antenna with highly accurate heading and positioning data. As an alternative to a traditional separate compass and GPS antenna, this combined sensor is maintenance free and incorporates many additional features.

B&G Heading Sensors