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Autopilot Computers

The brain behind your B&G autopilot

The brains of the autopilot is the autopilot computer. Choose from H5000 for top-level performance, or our outstanding NAC-2 and NAC-3 pilot computers to complement a Triton2 system.  

NAC-2 and NAC-3 Autopilot computers

For cruising/club racing installations where you want excellent performance, choose a Triton² pilot and a NAC-2 or NAC-3 autopilot computer.  These, for low and high current applications respectively, contain the control algorithms developed to helm a yacht across a broad range of weather conditions and sea-states, alongside the electronics needed to operate a hydraulic or mechanical drive unit, while also interfacing with other components including heading sensors and rudder feedback units.

B&G Reflex steering technology
NAC autopilot computers contain B&G’s Reflex control algorithms, designed to steer a yacht to compass, wind or waypoint. Every B&G steering innovation builds upon a legacy encompassing over sixty years of autopilot development, which continues today at Navico's autopilot research hub in Norway. This legacy is exemplified by the Reflex algorithm: the software that drives B&G steering technology. Reflex brings all those years of research and on-water experience to your helm, for a smart pilot you can trust to take the wheel.

Easy Installation
Plug-and-play connectors facilitate easy installation, minimising the wiring necessary to install your autopilot system. Industry-standard NMEA 2000® networking offers simple connectivity to heading sensors, rudder feedback units, autopilot controllers, and multifunction displays located anywhere on board.

Core Packs

Core pack bundles are available for NAC autopilot computers, which include a Precision-9 compass, NAC-computer, rudder reference sensor (if required) and a NMEA 2000 backbone starter kit. For H5000, contact a dealer or installer to fully specify your system requirements. 

H5000 Pilot Computer

The record-breaking B&G Pilot features dedicated sailing algorithms and steering modes - Gust Response, Recovery and High-Wind Response. It has been proven in the toughest of conditions and the most testing environments and is ideal for short-handed cruisers or racers.

  • Selectable steering modes: The H5000 Pilot CPU lets you elect to steer to Heading, Wind or Waypoint
  • AWA and TWA steering: The H5000 Pilot CPU can utilise Apparent, True or Polar wind modes for optimum performance under sail.
  • Intuitive and responsive: Provides gust and high-wind response modes for rapid response to changing conditions
  • Optimum course keeping
  • Features auto response switching and recovery mode for optimum course keeping in varying sea-states.

Popular Autopilot Computers

Autopilot computer bundle for low-current drive units, suitable for vessels up to 10 metres/35 feet in length.
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The record-breaking B&G Pilot features dedicated steering modes and sailing algorithms including Gust Response, Recovery and High Wind Response.