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Meet Barba and the Orcas

Follow the orcas and enjoy the ride aboard sailboat Barba. Led by marine biologist, Andreas B. Heide, and manned by a multinational crew, see how B&G electronics perform in the toughest environmental conditions. Join Barba and her crew for their continuing tour of the Norwegian arctic as they explore the hardened North, documenting orcas, experiencing the truly amazing scenery, and sailing in some of the toughest conditions on the planet. The story unfolds as the crew face the challenges related to operating in extreme and unpredictable conditions. A classical adventure, portraying man and nature – powered by B&G.

"The B&G equipment never lets us down"

Andreas B. Heide

Marine Electronics in extreme conditions

Barba is equipped with B&G electronics to help them navigate one of the wildest areas of the world. See how B&G performs in the toughest conditions. This was Barba’s most extensive expedition to date, taking her as far North as 81 degrees into the pack ice surrounding the North Pole.

B&G Onboard

Barba is an 11m sailboat crewed by 4 or 5 people -

Andreas B. Heide: Owner & Captain
Video by David González
Plus a pool of additional crew members with various skills and experience to join along the way.

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Pulse compression radar with 20-inch dome antenna, 36nm range, 60 RPM operation and VelocityTrack.