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Halo20+ and Halo24 Radar features

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VelocityTrack™ Doppler technology for collision avoidance: identify hazards in an instant

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Range coverage up to 48 nm from a lightweight dome

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MARPA target tracking

MARPA target tracking – simultaneous short, mid- and long-range detection of multiple objects

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InstantOn™ - Ready instantly from low-power standby mode

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Easy User Modes

Easy User Modes - Harbour, Offshore, Weather, and Bird modes ensure targets can be seen vividly

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Pulse Compression

Pulse Compression Technology – ultra-fast updates every second

Radar Range


VelocityTrack Doppler technology clearly distinguishes hazardous targets from their surroundings by vividly marking them as hazardous on the radar display.

Dual Range

Monitor two ranges simultaneously on one screen: see nearby targets while monitoring the bigger picture, at ranges up to 48nm.

Easy User Modes

Benefit from easy user modes that ensure the targets you need to see are vividly displayed: Harbour, Offshore, Weather and Bird modes quickly optimise the radar settings to give you the information you need.

MARPA Target Tracking

Keep track of other vessels and dangerous targets with simultaneous short, mid- and long-range detection of multiple objects.

More detail and clarity for enhanced safety


Contrasting numbers on the outside of the vivid range rings, scaled boat icon for the user’s vessel and radar target symbols are all designed for optimal clarity and easier tracking. Moving radar and AIS targets show graduated trails for vessel’s routing history (above, left). For even further information and clarity when radar and AIS acquire the same target, the system will automatically display the target with one symbol to reduce clutter  (above, right), and the active route can also be shown on the radar screen.

Note: this requires the latest software version v20.2